Boating Made Better with Evinrude

Evinrude makes the choice of outboard power simple.
Boating Made Better with Evinrude
E-TEC G2 outboards have two-stroke power and greater fuel efficiency than four-stroke competitors. And, E-TEC G2s are kinder to the environment, with lower emissions. Courtesy Evinrude

You shop and shop and shop for a boat — and maybe forget that picking power is at least as important a factor, if not more, to your enjoyment of your time afloat.

Ah, but Evinrude makes the selection simple.

Want more power for less fuel? Easy, trouble-free operation? Better hole shots and acceleration? The satisfaction that comes from treating the environment — and your favorite places within it — gentler?


Then the choice of outboard power is simple: Evinrude.

With Evinrude E-TEC and E-TEC G2 engines, when you’re on the water, the only attention you need pay your outboard is an occasional glance back, with a flash of pride and smirk of satisfaction.

Then, back to the fun ahead.

Boating Made Better with Evinrude
Evinrude offers optional iDock to dual-engine E-TEC G2 customers at the lowest price in the industry, making joystick docking even more accessible to all boaters. Courtesy Evinrude

Power to the People!
Two-stroke outboard power has long been the favorite of those who wanted quick hole shots for their tournament boat, pop-up watersports enthusiasts, and generally anyone who wants to easily get their boat on plane. It’s just the nature of the beast: Firing on every engine revolution is more efficient than doing it every other time.

And so, even when the outboard world seemed to be shifting to more-complex, heavier, and often, costlier four-stroke outboards, Evinrude instead focused on getting more from its proven two-strokes — and the higher torque, lighter weight, and simpler operation that technology offered.

First it harnessed, and then improved, the power with E-TEC direct injection (DI) technology, feeding each cylinder the precise mix of fuel and air needed. That produced more power (using a higher share of the fuel to produce torque), reduced emissions (since more of the fuel is consumed) and better fuel economy (for both of the above reasons).


Then it upped its game with a second generation of engines built around that technology, beyond simply adapting it.

Here’s what it all means to you: more oomph, trouble-free boating, fewer ­emissions, and lower fuel costs.

Oomph, you say? The E-TEC G2 series, for example, can achieve 30 percent more torque than any competitive four-stroke motor. High output (H.O.) models produce as much as 40 percent more torque than some four-stroke competitors at the same displacement.


You’ll feel that with the industry’s ­fastest hole shot, acceleration that stretches your smile, and with satisfying, instant throttle response. (And all while burning 87-octane fuel — which your wallet’s gonna love!)

Boating Made Better with Evinrude
Crankshaft Torque 150 HP Comparison Courtesy Evinrude

Love Owning It, Love Driving It!
All that power makes Evinrude-­powered boats fun to drive after they pop onto plane in a seeming heartbeat. To complement that, a suite of intelligent features, which come standard on E-TEC G2 engines, will also make your boat easy to drive.

The first of these standard features is iSteer. The pump is housed within the engine’s midsection, not in your way. Driving is effortless, while you enjoy clean rigging and more usable boat space.

Also standard on G2 models is iControl digital shift and throttle, which abandons the clunk and grind of gears shifted the old way. Digital throttle control produces instant response and precise RPM adjustment. And the wiring conveying those commands runs through a tube that can be installed from left or right, for more super-clean rigging.

Automatically trim the engine (and look like a seasoned salt dog!) while boosting boat performance and fuel ­efficiency, with G2’s standard iTrim system.

Boating Made Better with Evinrude
Fuel Efficiency 300 HP Comparison Courtesy Evinrude

Dock time? Don’t bite your nails. The iDock joystick piloting is available on new G2 dual-engine installations. It uses gyroscopic sensors to ­automatically compensate for wind and current, sending steering instructions to the engines. Slide up to a slip or dock like a pro, and do it for one-third the cost of ­competitors’ systems, with an MSRP of only $5,999.

The fun starts immediately with ­Evinrude too; there’s no break-in period, nor is there crankcase oil to change. Scheduled maintenance is an ­astounding five years or 500 hours for E-TEC G2 models. Fewer hassles, fewer expenses.

Alas, for many the boating season ends with winter’s approach. Evinrude’s one-touch winter layup makes that as painless as possible. The engine block self-winterizes when you press a button to fog the cylinders with engine oil. Done in minutes! Unless you want to sneak back out for a late-fall bonus day, knowing it’ll be a snap — and maybe even satisfying fun — to rewinterize so effortlessly.

No matter the season, appearance counts, and Evinrude even makes customization easy. The company offers hundreds of standard engine color combinations, along with the option for true custom paint and even custom wraps.

Boating Made Better with Evinrude
Emissions Level 150 HP Comparison Courtesy Evinrude

Thrifty for You, and Your World
Stewardship feels good too. An E-TEC G2 outboard produces less CO than any outboard on the market — less than ­one-half the emissions of some ­competitors at 150 hp, for example.

In that same class, the E-TEC G2 burns 15 percent less fuel than the ­leading four-stroke, helping further trim your gas bill, as well as your carbon footprint.

Thrifty like a four-stroke. Peppy like a two. And all the while, kind to the air and waters we love.