Boating News: Bermuda Challenge Update

Fertig waits for a weather window to attempt the Bermuda Challenge.

Here's the latest from Chris Fertig on what's happening with the Bermuda Challenge: > > > "When Mike Obrien from Applied Weather Technology asked what conditions were ideal to make an attempt at the Bermuda Challenge World Record I said simple, all I need is less than two foot seas for the entire 780 mile race, including crossing the treacherous north wall of the Gulf Stream, a strong ebb tide leaving New York City at 9:30am and a full moon to increase our visibility during the night time portion of the run. Two tropical storms and several strong gales have prevented our team from running so far this season, but as June arrives and the winds and seas calm, we are hopeful that the ocean will give us the chance we need to make another Bermuda Challenge World Record attempt." >> >>> Follow the Bermuda Challenge Attempt Online