2021 Boat of the Year: Ingenity Nautique GS22E

The Ingenity Nautique GS22E combines electric propulsion with amazing wakeboat features.

We award Boat of the Year to the boat that best helps advance the state of boatbuilding art and delivers a new and better experience to boaters.

The selection process starts with testing more than 100 boats per year, from PWC to cruisers and wakeboats to offshore fishing craft. We run a wide swath of boat types and numerous boats in each category. That’s important. A tow boat cannot be compared to a fishing boat, nor a pontoon to an ocean racer. We judge boats by others with the same mission. The Boat of the Year not only stands out on its own, but also stands out more than any other boat stands out in any other category. 

Super Air Nautique GS22E running on the lake
At speed, the cockpit is noticeably quieter. Garrett Cortese

Environmental benefits and cool factor aside, the Ingenity Nautique GS22E’s electric propulsion means no hauling gas cans to the private lakes many wakeboats ply, no ethanol issues and easier winterization. Its wiring, electronics, monitoring systems and accessories installation provide examples of excellence that transcend watersports and apply to other boat types. That it is a killer surf and wakeboat is so much icing on the cake. 

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Congratulations, Nautique! The Ingenity Nautique GS22E is Boat of the Year 2021.