2022 Aquila 28 Molokai Power Catamaran

The 28 Molokai Power Catamaran is well-equipped and ready to run.
Aquila 28 Molokai Power Catamaran running in the ocean
The 28 Molokai Power Catamaran serves up a smooth, wave-dicing ride. Courtesy Aquila Boats


Aquila’s 28 Molokai Power Catamaran, based on a form from Hawaiian Cat designer Kirk Clark, proved an agile, wave-slicing fishing boat. Its 9-foot-8-inch beam carries from bow to stern and aids in providing great stability.

Notable fishing features include two 94-gallon insulated fish boxes, a 30-gallon livewell, 15 rod holders and Taco outriggers. There is also a removable cutting board, a sink, pullout tackle boxes and undergunwale rod stowage. The bow offers net-throwing space to spare.

Aquila 28 Molokai Power Catamaran anchored
Looks good while running or at rest. Courtesy Aquila Boats


Powered by optional 200 hp Mercury outboards (twin 150s are standard), the 28 Molokai takes off with dog-sees-squirrel urgency. We saw an average top hop of 46.5 mph at 5,500 rpm on a choppy day off Pompano Beach, Florida. The wide, deep hull tunnel on the 28 Molokai creates a pocket of pillowlike air that provides a sense of liftoff. Shooting across an aquamarine sea, it felt akin to flying over the water.


At 4,000 rpm, we made a comfortable 33 mph, the engines consuming 16.9 gph. With the boat’s 150-gallon fuel capacity and considering a 10 percent reserve, range is 263 miles. Bring the speed down to 23.5 mph, and fuel burn drops to 9.4 gph and range jumps to 337 miles.

Aquila 28 Molokai Power Catamaran cockpit
Foldout ­cockpit seats measure 22 inches wide and 17 inches deep. Courtesy Aquila Boats

Interior and Accessories

The 28 Molokai’s layout includes foldout cockpit seats that measure 22 inches wide and 17 inches deep. The coaming lifts up, the seats fold down, and the coaming forms a backrest. The helm fits a skipper and companion. The forward section of the helm console offers a built-in, double-wide bench. A head is inside the console. Another bench seat is at the bow, and abaft it to port and starboard are two more lounges with removable backrests. All the cushions can be removed.

For boaters who want more protection from the elements, the 28 Molokai is also offered in a cuddy-cabin layout. Sprinting offshore to chase billfish or sitting on the hook to catch dinner, the Aquila Molokai 28 is a solid blend of form and function.

Aquila 28 Molokai Power Catamaran tackle storage
Pullout tackle boxes are just one of many notable fishing features. Courtesy Aquila Boats

How We Tested

  • Engines: Twin 200 hp Mercury Verado V-6
  • Drive/Props: Outboard/16″ x 17″ 3-blade stainless steel
  • Gear Ratio: 1.85:1 Fuel Load: 75 gal. Water On Board: 25 gal. Crew Weight: 350 lb.

High Points

  • Smooth, wave-dicing ride across the chop. The lift of the hull tunnel and soft-riding nature should reduce fatigue on longer runs.
  • Owners get a well-equipped, ready-to-run boat at the base price.
  • Cuddy-cabin version is available for those who live in more challenging climates.

Low Points

  • Single windshield wiper could be larger to more effectively cover window real estate.
  • Could use additional fuel capacity for increased range.

Toughest Competitor

World Cat’s 280 CC-X (approx. $289,000) offers more fuel capacity at 220 gallons and larger outboard options (up to twin 225 hp). The 280 CC-X has about 1,200 pounds more displacement with its standard engines. The Molokai 28 edges out the 280 CC-X on beam by about 6 inches.

Pricing and Specs

Price:$265,766 (base)
Draft:2’6″ (motors down)
Displacement:6,166 lb. (with twin 150 hp outboards)
Bridge Clearance:11’0″
Fuel Capacity:150 gal.
Max Horsepower:400
Available Power:Twin Mercury outboards to 400 hp total

Speed, Efficiency, Operation

Aquila 28 Molokai Power Catamaran performance data
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