2022 Boat of the Year: Sea-Doo Switch

The Switch offers a wealth of features at an accessible price.

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Pontoon boats are notoriously hard to dock compared to other boat types, but Sea-Doo’s Switch solves that problem. Thanks to handlebar steering with thumb paddle controls, proprietary software and water-jet power, this pontoon spins, shifts and shuttles better than Danny MacAskill.

The Switch also offers a unique layout. Maybe call it the unlayout. Instead of fixed seats and amenities, this boat allows tailoring the arrangement to suit the day. Choose wide-open empty space for fishing or beach-ferry duty today, with myriad seating and lounging options for tomorrow’s fireworks cruise.

The Sea-Doo Switch is also accessible, which includes its easy docking, but primarily its low price. A family of five can get out on the water for as low as about $28,000 for the Switch Compact, while the largest 21-foot, 230 hp Cruise model retails for a still-inexpensive $52,000 with a trailer.

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The Boat of the Year is selected from the more than 100 boats we test every year. We award the honor to the boat that stands out in its category more than any other boat stands out in any other category. For 2022, we name the affordable, easy-docking, modular Sea-Doo Switch as Boat of the Year.

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