2022 Centurion Ri230

The Ri230 offers the ability to dial in the shape of wakes and waves.


Experience shows 23 feet as a sweet spot for producing great wakes and waves. The redesigned Ri230 makes the spot extra-sweet. ­Centurion’s Opti-V hull, the updated running surface, features the deepest transom deadrise in the segment—20 degrees. This helps shape wakes and waves, and gives the Ri230 a smoother ride. With 5,400 pounds of onboard ballast, the Ri230 displaces a ton of water, further adding to towing performance. The Ri230 was chosen over bigger boats to pull at last year’s World Wakesurfing Championship.

Centurion Ri230 running fast
The Ri230 ­offers comfortable and customizable seating throughout. Garrett Cortese

Interior and Accessories

Centurion’s QuickSurf port and starboard transom-­mounted plates deploy to create the sizable, endless waves. A centerline transom plate customizes the wave’s shape and size. Centurion’s Revo Side by Side 12-inch touchscreens allow easy ­control of settings. Find a setup you like, then save it to a custom profile for future use.

The Ri230’s wakesurfing waves offer a lot of push—a Centurion hallmark—with a pocket that’s easy to stay in. This is great for beginners or more-advanced riders trying new tricks. Wakeboard wakes are long and clean, especially at 65- to 75-foot rope lengths, with a smooth transition up the face.

Ri230 helm
All settings are easily controlled and customized from the Revo side-by-side 12-inch touchscreens. Garrett Cortese

A 5-inch touchscreen dubbed the ROV—Range of View—provides control of the bow- and transom-mount cameras, which are great for monitoring riders and swimmers, putting the boat on the trailer, and monitoring fuel-­flow and trip data. In fact, no other watersports boatbuilder provides fuel-­consumption data.

Ri230 tower
The SewLong Bimini top is easily deployed with the Roswell Drop Zone tower. Garrett Cortese


Equipped with a ­6-liter GM Marine V-drive, the Ri230 exhibited plenty of torque to get out of the hole and up to speed for both wakesurfing and wakeboarding. The adjustable, high-back captain’s chair proved comfortable, with a flip bolster as well as swivel capabilities. The extra-large SewLong ­Bimini cover provides great shade. With room for 14, the Ri230 offers comfort throughout. Slide the back bench forward to convert it to rear-facing seating for watching the action. A table can be added for socializing.

Updated styling is just one more reason to check out Centurion’s Ri230.


High Points

  • World-class wakes and waves in a smaller, more fuel-efficient package.
  • QuickLaunch utilizes surf plates to get the Ri230 on plane quickly with minimal bow rise.
  • Ramfill accounts for over 50 percent of the Ri230’s ballast and can fill in under 90 seconds.

Low Points

  • Optional stern thruster is not as powerful as those found in the competition.

Toughest Competitor

  • MasterCraft’s X-Star S is a 23-foot watersports boat with seating for 16. It features 4,300 pounds of ballast (with Surfstar) and comes well-equipped at $200,500.

How We Tested

  • Engine: GM Marine 6.0L HO 450 hp
  • Drive/Prop: V-drive/Acme 16″ x 15″ 4-blade
  • Gear Ratio: 1.72:1 Fuel Load: 81 gal. Crew Weight: 360 lb.

Pricing and Specs

Price: $242,181 (as tested)
LOA: 23’0″
Beam: 8’6″
Draft: 3’0″
Displacement: 5,500 lb.
Transom Deadrise: 20 degrees
Ballast: 5,400 lb.
Fuel Capacity: 81 gal.
Max Power: 450
Available Power: GM Marine engines to 450 hp

Speed, Efficiency, Operation

Ri230 performance data
Centurion Ri230 Certified Test Results Boating Magazine

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