2022 Weaver Boat Works 41 Center Console

The Weaver 41 is a fishing machine that serves up a quiet ride.
Weaver Boats Works 41 Center Console in the ocean
The Weaver 41 delivers a quiet and stable ride. Courtesy Weaver Boat Works


It’s epiphany time: I’m running 17,000 pounds of cold-molded okoume ply, E-glass and Kevlar propelled by 1,050 Suzuki outboard horses at 55 mph. Chop and 2-foot boat wakes melt beneath the deep-V hull. But it’s not just smooth; it’s also quiet. At 4,500 rpm, my sound meter registered 86 dB(A), 4 or 5 decibels quieter than most twin or triple outboard rigs. 

So, what gives? The Weaver’s cold-molded hull absorbs and dissipates vibrations in a way that molded fiberglass can’t match. Combine it with a large console that shields you from the wind blast and a bracket that moves the powerplants well aft of the transom, and the Weaver 41 runs significantly quieter than other boats.

Weaver Boats Works 41 Center Console helm
Triple screens are found at the helm. Courtesy Weaver Boat Works

Interior and Accessories

However, once you reach the pelagic hunting grounds, things will likely get noisier as the crew shouts out billfish sightings, reels start screaming, and gaff shots produce celebratory hoots and hollers. Our test boat’s angling armaments included a transom livewell, an integrated tackle station in the leaning post, six flush-mount gunwale rod holders, six rocket launchers, and 22-foot Rupp carbon-fiber outriggers. Note that the Weaver is a custom boat, and you can rig it to fish how you like. Adding goodies such as electric reel outlets or additional livewells and rod holders is no problem.

Weaver Boats Works 41 Center Console bow seating
Bow seating includes a forward console lounger. Courtesy Weaver Boat Works

The catch of the day will stow neatly in a pair of 65-gallon insulated fish boxes in the sole, a necessity because the forward console lounger doesn’t house the coffin box found on some die-hard fishing machines in this class. Instead, Weaver dedicates that space to the console cabin to make room for a dinette that converts into a berth. Other belowdecks perks include a compact but complete galley and a separate stand-up head compartment.

Weaver Boats Works 41 Center Console cockpit
Fold-out seats tuck into the transom. Courtesy Weaver Boat Works

We could debate the virtues of custom cold-molded boats versus production-built fishing machines. But in this case, we suggest hushing up. It’s time listen to the difference rather than talk about it.

Weaver Boats Works 41 Center Console cabin
The dinette converts into a berth. Courtesy Weaver Boat Works

How We Tested

  • Engines: Triple Suzuki DF 350A
  • Drive/Props: Outboard/15.5″ x 27″ 3-blade stainless steel contra-rotating propsets
  • Gear Ratio: 2.29:1 Fuel Load: 350 gal. Crew Weight: 380 lb.

High Points 

  • Quietest ride around. 
  • Construction method shaves about 15 percent off the weight as compared to molded glass boats of the same size, boosting speed and efficiency. 
  • Teak covering boards, toe rail, cabin interior, and the tumblehome in the transom add a touch of class. 

Low Points

  • Some fishing or fish stowage space is traded off to boost interior cabin volume. 
  • Pricing is above that of the average production boat of the same size and power. 
  • Teak covering boards, toe rail and cabin interior will require maintenance. 

Toughest Competitors

Winter Custom Yachts offers a cold-molded 38-footer with triple Mercury 400s that posts performance similar to the Weaver. The Valhalla 41 (about $670,00 standard, before options and power), although a molded glass boat, also competes. It breaks 65 mph with triple F425 Yamahas but has a smaller cabin, dedicating the forward lounger space to fish or gear stowage.

Pricing and Specs

Price:$950,000 (as tested)
Draft (max):2’6″
Displacement:17,000 lb.
Transom Deadrise:24 degrees
Bridge Clearance:12’0″
Max Headroom:6’5″
Fuel Capacity:400 gal.
Water Capacity:52 gal.
Max Horsepower:NA (custom)
Available Power:Twin or triple outboards

Speed, Efficiency, Operation

Weaver Boats Works 41 Center Console performance data
Weaver Boats Works 41 Center Console Certified Test Results Boating Magazine

Weaver Boat Works – Tracys Landing, Maryland; 410-867-8757; weaverboatworks.com