2023 Grady-White Adventure 218

The Adventure 218 fuses fishability with modern comforts.

Grady-White built and popularized the walkaround cabin boat, debuting its first Walkaround model in 1974. Its versatility, seaworthiness and fishability made it an instant hit. The North Carolina builder would go on to build fleets of these boats in the ensuing decades, and nearly every brand of fishing boat copied that iconic design. Thanks to Grady’s popularity and rugged construction, thousands of legacy Grady walkarounds still cruise today. 

Grady-White Adventure 218 running
The Adventure 218 serves up a stable and smooth ride. Courtesy Grady-White Boats

This new Adventure 218 offers 6 more inches of beam, adding valuable deck space that Grady-White used to add comfort, convenience and fishability. Even more exciting, Grady added style points from its larger boats, like more bow flare, a sweeping hardtop and support, and kept important details, such as toe rails in the cockpit.

Naturally, Grady-White also gave the Adventure 218 its patented SeaV2 hull, a wave-cleaving design that runs aft from its sharp bow and then widens gradually toward the transom. Grady-Whites always prove smooth in our tests, and this new Adventure 218 lived up to that legacy. The ride and at-rest stability impressed us, and we can recommend this boat as capable on large, windswept bays and sounds, as well as for ventures outside the inlet. 

Grady-White Adventure 218 cockpit
Helm and companion seating is comfortable and provides good visibility. Courtesy Grady-White Boats
Grady-White Adventure 218 aft seating
The seat bottoms flip over to make casting decks on both sides of the motorwell. Courtesy Grady-White Boats

There are 14 rod holders, two on each gunwale, two shotgun holders on the transom, four rocket launchers on the hardtop and two rod racks under each gunwale. A generous 30-gallon livewell, aerated with Grady’s bottom-to-top water plenum, spreads the flow evenly, ensuring no dead spots of unoxygenated water, and therefore lively baits. 

Stowable seatbacks swing toward the motorwell to open the seating area for fishing, and the seat bottoms flip over to make casting decks on both sides of the motorwell.

The cabin walkaround is wider thanks to narrower gunwales. Inside, the cabin features a nice, bright and cozy low-maintenance space that will sleep two. A head is concealed to starboard for comfort and privacy.

Grady-White Adventure 218 cabin
The cabin features a nice, bright and cozy low-­maintenance space that will sleep two. Courtesy Grady-White Boats

The new Adventure 218 builds on nearly a half-century legacy and adds all the modern style that Grady owners expect.

High Points

  • Clever aft seats convert from the step/hatch cover to provide cushioned comfort.
  • Cabin entry is expanded for easy access.
  • Optional hardtop with painted pipework is loaded with looks and features.
Grady-White Adventure 218 performance data
Grady-White Adventure 218 Certified Test Results Boating Magazine

How We Tested

  • Engine: Yamaha F250 XSB
  • Drive/Prop: Outboard/SWS II 15.75″ x 15″ 3-blade stainless steel
  • Gear Ratio: 1.75:1 Fuel Load: 50 gal. Crew Weight: 400 lb.

Pricing and Specs

Price:$113,200 (starting with single Yamaha F200 Mechanical)
Specs:LOA: 21’3″ (23’3″ with platforms)
Draft:1’4″ (motor up)
Dry Weight:3,650 lb. (no engine)
Passenger/Weight Capacity:8/NA
Fuel Capacity:100 gal.

Grady-White Boats – Greenville, North Carolina; 252-752-2111gradywhite.com