2023 Harris Solstice 230

A modern, streamlined appearance and agile maneuverability.

Harris’ Solstice 230 receives a welcome refresh for 2023. It starts at the fence line, where fewer perimeter rails provide a more modern, streamlined appearance. An updated logo badge does double duty, incorporating both docking and nav lights. Redesigned furniture features attractive accent textures and a pronounced bolster at seat edges, a nod to both comfort and security for occupants underway. Lumbar cutouts in the bow lounges include cup holders and combination USB-A and USB-C charging ports. The sleek helm offers style, plus extra legroom for the captain.

Harris Solstice 230 running
The Solstice 230 offers comfort and security while underway. Bill Doster

The floor plan on our test boat with a single aft lounge and dual helm chairs results in individual seating areas with their own unique personality. Those dual bow couches are perfect for entertaining or stretching out. The twin seats amidships can pivot to join in the conversation with those on the aft bench. The latter’s adjustable backrest pivots into multiple positions to form a forward-focused couch, aft-facing recliner, flat sun pad or, with aft cushions propped on kickstands, a forward-facing recliner. A stainless-steel perimeter rail neatly incorporates fender holders and allows occupants to enjoy the lounge at rest or underway. 

Harris Solstice 230 bow seating
The dual bow couches are perfect for entertaining or stretching out. Bill Doster
Harris Solstice 230 helm
The sleek helm offers style, plus extra ­legroom for the captain. Bill Doster

Take the helm and crank a few tight turns, and you’ll feel the confident stance and agile maneuverability provided by Harris’ Level 3 Performance Package. A triple-tube configuration, it opts for 25-inch pontoons to port and starboard, but a larger 27-inch pontoon down the center. That middle ’toon is dropped an inch lower in the water. Lifting strakes are added to both sides of that center tube as well as the insides of each outer pontoon. The on-water result is a mix of stability, agility and a touch of inside lean when cornering. Paired with a Mercury 250 outboard, the configuration got the Solstice onto plane in just over 3 seconds, reaching 30 mph in 3 seconds more. Top speed was 44.6 mph. Worth noting? The noise level at peak speed remained a low 76 dB(A), a volume that made it easy to carry on conversations with the crew. So, you get great performance and still keep a high level of  entertainment.

Harris Solstice 230 sunpad
The aft bench’s adjustable backrest pivots into multiple positions. Bill Doster

High Points

  • Includes a spacious 24-inch extended rear swim platform.
  • CZone digital switching controls onboard electronics and allows for customized setups. 
  • Standards include Simrad Go7 with VesselView. 
Harris Solstice 230 performance data
Harris Solstice 230 Certified Test Results

How We Tested

  • Engine: Mercury 250 Verado
  • Drive/Prop: Outboard/Mercury Enertia 14.7″ x 16″ 3-blade stainless steel
  • Gear Ratio: 1.85:1 Fuel Load: 52 gal. Crew Weight: 160 lb.

Pricing and Specs

Price:$117,684 (with Mercury 250 and Level 3 Performance Package)
Draft (max):1’9″
Dry Weight:3,716 lb.
Seat/Weight Capacity:12/2,430 lb.
Fuel Capacity:63 gal.

Harris – Fort Wayne, Indiana; 260-432-4555; harrisboats.com