Boat Test: 2023 Heyday H20

The H20 offers impressive wakes and waves at a nice price.


Heyday’s H20 proves that you need neither a giant boat nor a fat wallet to have watersports fun.

Start with the H20’s unique transom seats, rated for use while underway. Located on both sides of the engine, these two seats add a new level of fun, allowing you to sit close and cheer on friends and family. 

Heyday H20 ready for wake sports
The H20 has big advantages with its smaller size. Garrett Cortese

Interior and Accessories

Additional rear-facing seating is available with the convertible, sliding bench in the cockpit. This converts into a tabletop, complete with cup holders. 

With room for 14, the H20 is a spacious 20-footer. Storage is on both the port and starboard sides, with one large area behind the observer seat, which is uniquely equipped with a push-button, gas-assisted hinge. Boards stow on swiveling racks on the tower. The tower itself is gas-assisted, which makes lowering or raising it easy.

Heyday H20 bow seating
We found the playpen-style bow very wide, offering loads of space for children and adults alike. Garrett Cortese

With its high gunwales, the H20 feels safe and comfortable. The bow offers space for two adults facing forward or aft. A removable cushion converts the area into a playpen lounge. 

All upholstery features the signature H series stitching. At the helm, all of the boat’s systems can be controlled and monitored from the Simrad touchscreen, which utilizes custom Heyday software. Other conveniences include a cubby area for smaller essential items and a wireless phone  charger.

Heyday H20 helm
A Simrad touchscreen display on the right complements a stereo head unit on the left. Garrett Cortese

Of course, the H20 offers watersports performance. There’s no integrated surf system; however, with 2,800 pounds of ballast in four zones plus three riders on board, the H20 kicked up impressive wakesurf waves and wakeboard wakes. The wave was sizable and had plenty of push, making it great for beginners and more-advanced riders. The wake is symmetrical with a solid lip at the top, and pros riding the H20 have landed double flips and other top-end maneuvers. The shape of the wakes and waves can be adjusted on the fly to suit different riders using the center-mounted transom tab.

Heyday’s H20 is a smaller boat with big advantages for buyers looking to own a watersports boat and not break the bank.

Heyday H20 throwing a wake
The H20 kicked up impressive wakesurf waves and wakeboard wakes. Garrett Cortese

How We Tested

  • Engine: Mercury 6.2L 320 hp
  • Drive/Prop: Inboard V-drive/15.5″ x 16.5″ LH BRZ
  • Gear Ratio: 1.97:1 Fuel Load: 40 gal. Crew Weight: 525 lb.

High Points

  • Entire spotter’s seat lifts on a gas-assisted arm, revealing access to the large portside storage area.
  • Optional power platform raises vertically, reducing length and making garage storage even easier.
  • Available with a Coastal Edition engine for enhanced corrosion resistance.

Low Points

  • Lack of an optional integrated surf system may be a deterrent for some boat buyers.
  • Unique stern storage cuts stowage space compared to other boats.

Toughest Competitor

When comparing the H20 to others in its class, be sure to check out the Moomba Mondo ($94,000 powered by a 350 hp Indmar Raptor V-drive inboard). This 20-footer is a solid performer and can be equipped with AutoWake and the Flow 3.0 Surf System.

Pricing and Specs

Price:$81,690 (starting)
Displacement:4,865 lb.
Ballast:2,800 lb.
Transom Deadrise:NA
Fuel Capacity:40 gal.
Max Horsepower:320
Available Power:320 hp Mercury Coastal Edition or standard 6.2L V-drive inboard

Speed, Efficiency, Operation

Heyday H20 performance data
Heyday H20 Certified Test Results Boating Magazine

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