Boat Test: 2023 Supra SE

The SE creates sizable and customizable wakes and waves.


Supra’s SE has always ranked as a standout, and for 2023, it sports many enhancements.

Supra SE throwing a huge wake
AutoWake automatically manipulates the hull to create a precise wake or wave time after time. Courtesy Supra Boats

Interior and Accessories

Longer lines and higher freeboard give the SE a commanding look and complement the FxONE power tower. On board, the higher freeboard provides deeper seating and a more comfortable ride. In the bow, I discovered the ­coolest new feature: the Switchback Seat. The wind dam for the walk-through flips into a backrest, allowing for a third seat with the center cushion in place. Comfort continues with customizable seating, including a convertible rear bench that also sets up as a table. JL Audio speakers throughout (and on the tower) are tuned specifically to the SE’s layout. Rated for 18 and with abundant storage throughout and on the tower, the SE carries a big crew and all their gear.

Supra SE helm
Wake settings can be changed via the Vision Control Center, a multitouch screen ­array on the dash. Courtesy Supra Boats

Watersports performance? With 4,700 pounds of subfloor ballast and Supra’s Swell Surf System plates, the SE creates sizable and customizable wakes and waves. Wakes feature smooth transitions and long faces, with a nice kick at the top. The wakesurf waves offer plenty of power for riders of all sizes, with a pocket that makes it easy to stay in the wave while working on new tricks. Adjusting the center-mounted Supra Smart Plates makes the wave longer and mellower or shorter and steeper. And Supra’s patented AutoWake technology takes the guesswork out of setting up and maintaining wakes and waves. It uses sensors to detect pitch, roll, and other changes in the boat’s attitude. Then it automatically adjusts the ballast and wake plates to optimize the ride based on the rider’s preferences. 

Supra SE running
The SE provides plenty of room between its newly designed bow and the swim step. Courtesy Supra Boats

Supra’s two large touchscreens provide redundancy and convenience. Every feature, from the ballast, AutoWake and wakesurfing setup to lighting and heated seats, can be enabled with several taps of your fingers. Soft-touch buttons built into the steering wheel allow adjusting the audio, surf side, boatspeed and more. I like the stern thruster integrated into the throttle. Twist the knob and dual thrusters move the transom. The powered captain’s chair is comfortable, supportive and heated.

There are more features to describe than I have space for here. Go see for yourself. I think you’ll agree that Supra’s SE ranks high in the ever-­competitive ­24-foot wakeboat market.

Supra SE with shades out
There’s a newly designed full-length sunshade. Courtesy Supra Boats

How We Tested

  • Engine: Roushcharged Raptor 575 V-8 by Indmar
  • Drive/Prop: V-drive/Acme 4-blade
  • Gear Ratio: 1.70:1 Fuel Load: 74 gal. Crew Weight: 375 lb.

High Points

  • Third touchscreen next to the glove box allows crew seated beside the captain to control the audio and lighting systems.  
  • Knob on the throttle makes for intuitive maneuverability when operating the twin stern thrusters on the transom.                                                                                                                                     
  • Transom locker offers extra storage for wakesurf boards or any other gear you need to bring along.
  • Port and starboard wakesurf tow points located on the tower make it easy to get new surfers up and going.

Low Points

  • Flip-up backrests on the transom seats can pinch fingers if pulled on incorrectly.

Toughest Competitor

For comparison, shoppers should check out the Malibu 24 MXZ. Comparable in size, comparably powered and well equipped, the MXZ is rated to hold 17 versus the SE’s 18.

Pricing and Specs

Price:$203,000 (starting)
Displacement:6,150 lb.
Transom Deadrise:NA
Bridge Clearance:NA
Ballast:6,100 lb.
Seat/Weight Capacity:18/2,800 lb.
Fuel Capacity:83 gal.
Max Horsepower/Torque:510/580 lb.-ft.
Available Power:Raptor 400 or 500 by Indmar, Roushcharged Raptor 575 by Indmar

Speed, Efficiency, Operation

Supra SE performance data chart
Supra SE Certified Test Results Boating Magazine

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