2023 Suzuki DF115 and DF140

Drive-by-wire technology is just one of many amazing features found on these Suzuki outboards.

Suzuki DF outboard
Drive-by-wire technology means smoother shifting. Courtesy Suzuki Marine

Midsize outboards might not get all the glory, but they get plenty of anglers out fishing. Suzuki now brings drive-by-wire technology and convenience to its DF115 and DF140 outboards, the first in this category to do so. Additional brag comes from incorporating a microplastic collection device (MPCD) into these popular inline-4 engines.

Microplastics result from larger plastic, like bottles or packaging, breaking down in the environment and are more detrimental to marine life than larger, visible pollution. The MPCD is installed in the engine cooling system and filters the water post going through the system before returning to the water. It is easily accessed for service.

As a leader, Suzuki’s four-stroke, drive-by-wire DF115BG and DF140BG engines bring streamlined rigging for boatbuilders, along with owner benefits including smooth, effortless shifting, instant response when you move the throttle, and superior performance and efficiency. This is the same technology that top versions of big V-6 and V-8 outboards possess. Proven for many years on Suzuki outboards up to 350 hp, we’re confident that you can be confident in this technology as applied to the new inline-4 engines.

These 2.0-liter, DOHC, 16-valve outboards boast further enhancements. Suzuki achieved an increase in thermal efficiency by upping the compression ratio to 10.2. That results in higher top-end speeds and swifter acceleration. Compared to the models they superseded, tests show the DF115B and DF140B net 5 to 7 percent better fuel efficiency. We applaud the 40-amp alternator with enough output to keep batteries charged, livewell pumps running, and electronics going full bore, even during long days of trolling.

Suzuki DF outboard removes microplastics
The DF115 and DF140 outboards incorporate a microplastic collection device (MPCD). Courtesy Suzuki Marine

Facilitating maintenance, Suzuki provides easy access to the oil filter, a drip guard to prevent spills when changing that filter, and a new water-detection fuel filter.

Suzuki’s DF115B and DF140B represent the first outboards in their class to feature drive-by-wire technology. And that’s only one reason anglers should consider these motors to power a fishing boat.

High Points

  • Drive-by-wire technology means smoother shifting, better acceleration and more.
  • The high-output, 40-amp alternator of these outboards keeps anglers’ equipment humming.
  • A water-detecting fuel filter alerts you to contaminated fuel while an oil-spill catcher surrounding the oil filter does just what its names says.
  • New air-induction cowl improves combustion and enhances the engine’s sound.

Pricing and Specs

Price:Starting at $13,250/$15,075
Displacement:124.7 cubic inches
Weight:395 to 412 lb.
Gear Ratio:2.59:1
Alt. Output:40 amps
Shaft Length:20″ or 25″
Max RPM:6,000/6,200

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