2023 Yamaha FX Limited SVHO

The FX Limited SVHO mixes luxury, accessories and performance.
Yamaha FX Limited SVHO in a turn
A ­redesigned ride plate helps plant the hull during aggressive cornering. Courtesy Yamaha


The FX Limited SVHO, Yamaha’s flagship Wave­Runner, combines a deep-V hull with a supercharged, mega-displacement 1.8-liter Super Vortex High Output engine that pushes it beyond 65 mph. Now sheet moulding compound (SMC) returns to the hull ­rather than Yamaha’s lighter-­weight, nano-engineered construction. This adds about 40 pounds but arguably improves the boat’s feel, particularly in rough water. A ­redesigned ride plate lets the bow run higher plus helps plant the hull during aggressive cornering. Sponsons have slid forward almost 2 inches. The resulting ride is aggressive and nimble but less twitchy. Other changes include a more streamlined handlebar column and a larger glove box with smartphone stowage.

Yamaha FX Limited SVHO with three riders
There’s plenty of room for multiple riders. Courtesy Yamaha

Tech and Accessories

An infusion of tech elevates your experience. Front and center is the 7-inch touchscreen display. The new GPS improves speedometer accuracy and also introduces GPS mapping. Buyers will receive regional map cards at purchase. Owners can also utilize the security of geofencing.

A cool new option on FX models is the $999 RecDeck. A 6-foot-square platform that mounts atop the existing aft platform, it offers added space for fishing or hanging out and serves as the base for multiple add-ons, including a choice of coolers and Yamaha’s Multi-Use Rack ($599). The rack serves as the base for a Lounging Package ($499) that adds a 25-inch-wide seat with a flip-up backrest and flanking, insulated saddle bags, and an expanded JetFish Package ($1,199) that includes a branded cooler and rod holders. The RecDeck expands the boat’s versatility, retains Yamaha’s trademark visibility spout, and eases deepwater boarding via a three-step telescoping ladder.

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Yamaha FX Limited SVHO running fast
The FX Limited SVHO can run in excess of 65 mph. Courtesy Yamaha

Limited Package extras include a watersports-­focused mix of a single-passenger inflatable, 12-volt ­inflater, 12-volt outlet, towrope, tube carrying strap, soft-sided cooler with designated nook within the bow storage, custom cover, branded fenders and a RAM-mounted Garmin GPS fish finder. The result is a mix of luxury, accessories and performance aimed directly at the high-end buyer.

How We Tested

  • Engine: Approx. 260 hp supercharged Yamaha Super Vortex High Output marine engine
  • Pump/Impeller: 160 mm high-pressure/stainless steel
  • Fuel Load: 15 gal. Crew Weight: 160 lb.

High Points

  • Intuitive RiDE control system with  separate reverse throttle simplifies maneuvering. At speed, the RiDE lever provides rapid deceleration.
  • Bluetooth 100-watt sound system integrates 4-inch speakers into the forward edge of the footwells and adds a touch-control pad, onscreen text notifications and hands-free calling.
  • New Drive Control functions, accessed via the Connext display, allow users to modify the acceleration curve, automate trim, and set a speed limit.

Low Points

  • Limited Package isn’t customizable, meaning riders might pay for extras they don’t need and purchase additional extras they do. 
  • Optional RecDeck and accessories add weight at the stern, slightly impacting the craft’s handling and performance.

Toughest Competitors

Both Kawasaki’s refreshed Jet Ski Ultra 310LX ($19,199) and Sea-Doo’s GTX Limited 300 ($18,299) feature color, non-touchscreen displays, Bluetooth sound systems, electronic reverse, braking and deceleration, easy-access bow storage, and mounting systems for adding accessories to the aft platform. Kawasaki adds a backup camera and, at 200 watts, the most potent audio. Sea-Doo includes an innovative pump-cleaning system and Limited Package extras. 

Pricing and Specs

Draft:Not much
Displacement:877 lb.
Seat/Weight Capacity:3/NA
Stowage Capacity:44.5 gal.
Fuel Capacity:18.5 gal.

Speed, Stowage, Performance

Yamaha FX Limited SVHO performance data
Yamaha FX Limited SVHO Certified Test Results Boating Magazine

Yamaha Jet Boat Manufacturing – Kennesaw, Georgia; yamahaboats.com