2024 Tahoe 2585 Cascade

The 2585 Cascade combines style with confident handling.

Buy Tahoe’s 2585 Cascade at a midrange price and you’ll get features, style and construction like those found in the manufacturer’s flagship models. Examples? The stylish, redesigned Commander III fiberglass helm and port consoles, Medallion Smart 80 touchscreen, and sexy wraparound windshield. Below, the Waveglider performance package offers a trio of 25-inch pontoons with a full complement of lifting fins, an underdeck wave shield, an integrated motor pod, SeaStar hydraulic steering and a stainless-steel ski tow bar.

Tahoe 2585 Cascade running
The 2585 offers a quiet, confident ride. Tom King

Our test boat had Honda’s new BF350, featuring 302 cubic inches of displacement and the midrange boost of power provided by VTec variable valve timing and lift. BLAST (Boosted Low Speed Torque) advances ignition timing when the throttle is pinned off the bottom, delivering rapid acceleration. During our performance testing, it pushed the Cascade onto plane in 3.9 seconds, hit 30 mph in 6.4, and topped out at 52.2 mph. It also proved noticeably quiet, measuring only 71 decibels at 19.3 mph and 86 dB(A) at full throttle.

Tahoe 2585 Cascade bow seating
There are 5-foot-long parallel couches in the bow. Tom King
Tahoe 2585 Cascade helm
The central Medallion as well as an additional offset Garmin touchscreen centralize pertinent info. Tom King

Underway, the Cascade handled with confidence, easily cutting across the lake chop we encountered and cornering with an outside lean that was nonetheless quite grippy. The captain will appreciate the comfort provided by a high-back helm seat. The central Medallion as well as an additional offset Garmin touchscreen centralize pertinent info into an easy-to-see location. Bonus points for the phone cubby sporting a wireless charger. Opposite, the port console adds a lockable glove box to stow valuables.

Tahoe 2585 Cascade lounger
Aft, a pair 5-foot-8-inch lounges sit behind console seats. Tom King

The furniture layout is a Quad Lounge floor plan featuring 5-foot-long parallel couches in the bow with storage below. Add the optional filler gate seat for a continuous U-shaped lounge. Aft, another 5-foot-8-inch pair sit behind console seats. Recline against the aft-facing seatbacks or sit side to side with fellow crew. A unique touch? The entire bottom cushion lifts lengthwise on gas struts to access storage, eliminating the hassle of loose or individual cushions and making it simple to grab or stow gear.

Tahoe 2585 Cascade aft station
The Waveglider performance package includes a stainless-steel ski tow bar. Tom King

High Points

  • Waveglider performance package features three 25-inch pontoons, an aluminum wave shield and a stainless-steel ski tow bar.
  • High-performance Fusion sound package. 
  • Attractive matte finish on wall skins.
Tahoe 2585 Cascade performance data
Tahoe 2585 Cascade Certified Test Results Boating Magazine

How We Tested

  • Engine: Honda BF350
  • Drive/Prop: Outboard/Honda 16″ x 17″ 3-blade stainless steel
  • Gear Ratio: 1.79:1 Fuel Load: 65 gal. Crew Weight: 640 lb.

Pricing and Specs

Price:$144,480 (with Honda BF350)
Draft (max):NA
Dry Weight:3,200 lb.
Seat/Weight Capacity:17/2,460 lb.
Fuel Capacity:100 gal.

Tahoe – Alma, Michigan; tahoepontoonboats.com