Boat Test: 2024 Tiara Yachts 48 LE

With outboard power, luxurious amenities and a sporty hull, the 48 LE brings the best of today’s boating all together.
Tiara Yachts 48 LE running offshore
The 48 LE is built to offer a comfortable ride across a variety of conditions. Courtesy Tiara Yachts


The Great Lakes waters can go from flat-calm to “sporty” conditions in the blink of an eye. Getting caught in rough conditions, with big waves and tight wave periods between you and safe harbor, is something that, when you go through it, makes you understand why ­Michigan-based builder Tiara Yachts “overbuilds” its boats. Tiara has long been known for building ruggedly seaworthy boats capable of withstanding rough seas. Tiara models are also steeped in luxurious amenities and a high degree of fit-and-finish. The new 48 LE, the ­flagship of its outboard-powered sport yachts, is just the latest in its lineup to prove that Tiara has earned this reputation.

Tiara 48 LE aft cockpit
With the push of a button the lounge can rotate a full 180-degrees. Courtesy Tiara Yachts

Interior and Accessories

The place to start when reviewing this boat has to be the aft cockpit, with several great features that will surely make it a prime spot for recreating and socializing. Your eyes, and the rest of your body, will be immediately drawn to the power-actuated rotating lounge module. With the push of a button, you can rotate it a full 180 degrees. But its unique tracking system lets you stop it and lock it in place at any angle you desire. Facing forward, it creates a great conversation pit with the aft-facing lounges under the hardtop. Fold out the wings on the high-gloss teak table, and fire up the electric grill for some on-water dining. Facing aft, it provides a tremendous view off the transom while lounging at anchor. Angle it to port to enjoy the foldout ­terrace, another dynamic feature that provides swimmers with water access away from the outboards while at rest. The integrated swim ladder makes for easy reboarding.

Tiara 48 LE stateroom
The master stateroom features comfortable sleeping quarters bathed in natural light. Courtesy Tiara Yachts

Let the socialization continue in the salon under the hardtop, which is bathed in sunlight thanks to the 360-degree windows. Retract the sunroof to create a more open feel. The glass door to the salon slides open and the window to starboard electrically retracts into the bulkhead to create and open flow with the cockpit. Everything adds up to create a boat that’s primed for entertainment.

Belowdecks, both the master and guest suites are brightly lit and feel bigger than they should thanks to the expansive windows built into the hullsides. The master stateroom has its own head with separate stand-up shower that has a built-in bench. Even the guest head has a separate shower with a bench. Looking back, both are far superior to the one in my first apartment. 

Tiara 48 LE helm
The Garmin Marine Navigation System displays are easy to read at the dash. Courtesy Tiara Yachts

At the helm, the captain will no doubt have as much fun, if not more, than the crew behind him at the double-wide helm seat with built-in teak toe kicks. The Garmin Marine Navigation System displays are easy to read at the dash and are bolstered by companion MFDs in the settee to port, so someone can take on navigator duties without crowding the captain.

In terms of performance, the 48 LE lives up to the Tiara legacy. The deep-V sport hull that tapers to 21 degrees of deadrise at the transom handles rough water outside the inlet with aplomb. Adding the optional Seakeeper 6 gyrostabilizer takes the boat’s already excellent seakeeping to the next level while running offshore. Crewmembers prone to seasickness will welcome the addition.

Tiara 48 LE wing folded out
A fold-out wing expands the socializing area. Courtesy Tiara Yachts


Tiara has designed the 48 LE to be perfectly-paired with a trio of 600-hp Mercury V12 Verado outboards. With this power package, this 16-ton boat climbs onto plane in just 7.4 seconds and hits 30 mph in a sprightly 10.5 seconds. What’s more, the boat does not squat while coming out of the hole, so the captain never loses sight of the water from the helm. We hit a top end of 52.5 on our test day on Lake Michigan—Tiara noted slightly higher speeds in its own Sea Trials. We did take note at how smooth this 48-footer handled turns at speed, like a much small and lighter boat. Tiara also notes that in its own trials, the 48 LE passed the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) Quick Turn Test at wide-open throttle.

Tiara 48 LE guest room
The guest suite offers a spacious sleeping arrangement. Courtesy Tiara Yachts

Still window shopping? It’s hard to directly compare boats at this level since they have so unique and customizable features, but do take a look at the Cruisers Yachts 50 GLS ($2,485,000 with triple Mercury 600s) which also has unfolding gunwales in the cockpit to enhance space and water access at anchor. Also take a look at the Intrepid 51 Panacea ($2,307,512 with quadruple Mercury 600s), which has living space belowdecks but is more of a center console layout.

Tiara Yachts 48 LE outside cooktop
The electric grill makes entertaining easy. Courtesy Tiara Yachts

But definitely keep your eyes on the stunning new Tiara 48 LE. It will turn heads at the dock, keep the crew comfortable and entertained, and handle some of the sportiest conditions you’ll see outside the inlet. Another case where being called “overbuilt” is earned. 

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Tiara 48 LE bow seating
Luxurious seating can also be found at the bow. Courtesy Tiara Yachts
Tiara Yachts 48 LE storage access
Storage and bilge access is convenient. Courtesy Tiara Yachts

How We Tested

  • Test Engine: Triple 600-hp Mercury Verado V12 outboard motors.
  • Propellers: Verado 12 24.5” duoprops
  • Gear Ratio: 1.75:1 Fuel Load: 442 gal. Water on Board: 100 gal. Passenger Weight: 950 lb.

High Points

  • The Mercury joystick system is integrated with a bow thruster to make docking and close-quarters handling easier.
  • Along with the starboard-side boarding door, there’s a built-in step-down into the cockpit, with a handhold to ensure easy transfer from the dock to the boat.
  • Storage and bilge access is greater than that aboard boats with inboard or sterndrive power.
  • The power-actuated rotating lounge in the cockpit can be locked in place in almost any position, helping maximize the ­entertainment possibilities.

Low Points

  • Galley countertops could use a fiddled rail to keep food and dishware from sliding ­underway.
  • Compared with inboards and sterndrives, ­outboards take up a lot of space on the ­transom platform.

Extra Point

The main cabin berth has wireless phone chargers built into either side so the owners never have to be too far away from their smartphones.

Pricing and Specs

Price (w/ test power):$1,997,370 (base price)
Draft (max):3’10”
Displacement (approx.):32,500 lb.
Transom Deadrise:21 degrees
Bridge Clearance:13’1”
Max. Cabin Headroom:6’6”
Fuel Capacity:660
Max HP:1,800
Available Power:Triple 600-hp Mercury V-12 outboards

Speed, Efficiency, Operation

Tiara 48 LE performance data
Tiara 48 LE Certified Test Results Boating Magazine

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