About the Boating Marine Power Innovation Awards (MPI Awards)

The MPI awards honor makers of marine propulsion products that substantially advance the state of the art and/or substantially impact the owner experience.
Boating MPI Awards
MPI Awards honor achievements in technology and/or the owner experience. Boating Magazine

Advances and impacts may be, but are not limited to: efficiency, economy, performance, ease of use, ease of maintenance, harnessing new technology, engine controls, propellers and drive components, monitoring and more.

The awards will honor marine propulsion products that move the boat, so-called, “prime movers.” In addition to prime movers this will include thrusters, trolling motors and other auxiliary power and maneuverability aids or systems that physically move the boat. 

The MPI Awards will complement Boating’s prestigious Boat of the Year Award


There are no fixed annual categories for MPI Awards. This maintains the integrity of the awards by not putting us in the position of honoring an engine maker simply to fill a category. That said, there will be multiple Awardees each year, from the categories that are possible to be awarded in any given year are:

  • Outboard Engines
  • Inboard Engines
  • Sterndrives
  • Pod Drives
  • Surface Drives
  • Waterjets
  • Thrusters/Maneuverability
  • Engine Controls and Monitoring


In all cases the awardee, or awardees, will be selected by Boating’s editorial staff. Only one awardee per category will be selected. Boating staff must have run the candidate product and produced a published review of it in the year of the award.

Selection of awardees will be accomplished by multiple rounds of voting between Boating’s editorial staff. 


Awardees will be announced in February.