Arc Boats Optimizes Electric Power

The Arc Sport has been designed to balance power and efficiency, and thanks to its well-engineered battery pack it does just that.

Electric watercraft have historically had poor range, lacked power, or been prohibitively expensive. By comparison, the Arc Sport’s battery design enables performance that blows gas boats out of the water — and does so at a competitive price. During the research and development (R&D) phase, engineers considered a variety of battery chemistries and configurations for the Arc Sport packs. The end result is a monstrous 226 kWh battery pack that’s intelligently integrated with the hull to deliver a ton of power without sacrificing range.

The Arc Sport’s motor has a rated output of 570 hp, enough to move a semi-truck — literally. Through propeller testing, integrated system testing, fault tolerance and longevity testing, Arc arrived at an integrated system delivering 500 hp to our riders. With snappy acceleration and thrilling holeshots, the Arc Sport’s performance is exciting for new and seasoned boaters alike.

Another key objective to balance was delivering an impressive wake — something that requires considerable power — without compromising range. Arc Boats is doing that in part with its choice of propeller size. At 18-19 inches, the propeller surpasses the industry standard of 13-16 inches. Opting for a larger propeller allows the Arc Sport to translate the motor’s power into the water more efficiently. That translates to a battery that provides enough range for a full day on the water.

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The Arc Sport’s large propeller also allows more of the electric motor’s instant torque to make its way into the water. The result? Acceleration gas boats can only ever dream of.

The Arc team approached R&D on the Arc Sport committed to creating a 100-percent electric-powered boat that delivers an unforgettable experience on the water. Arc is now exiting R&D and are physically revealing the full power of the Arc Sport to the world.

Get ready to experience the future of boating. 

Look for our test of Arc Boats coming soon!

You can learn more and reserve the Arc Sport now, or sign up to test drive an Arc Sport this summer.