Bennington 2575QXi

Simply put, this is one of the best overall boats we tested.

What we think: Simply put, this is one of the best overall boats we tested. It would be easy to write a page about the performance alone. Our boat was rigged with the super power of a Yamaha 350 V-8 outboard. We went from 0 to 40 mph in less than nine seconds. With this setup you have a boat that literally can’t be heard at idle, and can then be seen doing 47-plus mph at top end. The 2575QXi we tested could handle the biggest outboard on the market because of the unique elliptical center tube, which is 25 inches tall and 32 inches wide, leaving only narrow gaps between the tubes and creating more flotation for a huge motor.

Bennington already had some of the highest customer satisfaction scores in all of boating when it introduced the Q series in late 2006. They literally started from scratch to develop this model. The furniture has pillow-top seatbacks, ostrich-skin accents and soft-touch vinyl that feels like chamois. The seats in the bow incline to a semi-lounge position, and storage is accessed via hatch doors at the seat bases. They also raised the helm for a better view over the long bow, which is so long and elegant that it looks like a furniture showcase.

It’s all framed by 2.5-inch-wide flat rails (like you’d find on a porch) and corrugated polycarbonate panels. This is the stuff used to make bulletproof glass. We’ve seen the panels hit with a mallet, and not dent. Call it a line of defense for one of the best overall boats of our tests.


Who should buy it: Those who want the best layout, best materials and the capability of rigging with the most powerful outboard motor on the market. The 2575QXi stands apart for reasons that are both subtle and obvious.

Vital Stats * Length: 25″ * Beam: 8’6″ * Dry Weight: 2,649 lb. * Seating/Weight Capacity 13/1,810 lb. * Fuel Capacity: 33 gal. * Max HP: 350 * MSRP (w/ Yamaha F115): $45,059 * NMMA Certified: Yes

Power Picks
Yamaha F150 See local dealer
Yamaha F250 See local dealer
Yamaha 350 (base boat, no options) See local dealer


Also Consider…
Length: 22′
Beam: 8’6″
Max HP: 225
The 22-foot version of the featured model has the same unique and luxurious interior for a bit smaller investment.

Length: 25’6″
Beam: 8’6″
Max HP: 350
Bennington’s R-series boats have upscale appeal for buyers who don’t want to spring for the innovations on the Q models.

Test Drive * Test Engine: Yamaha 350 4-stroke * Test Load: People (190 lb.); Fuel (25 gal.) * Top Speed: 47.4 mph @ 6,000 rpm * Time to 20 mph: 3.7 sec. * Time to 30 mph: 5.8 sec. * Time to 40 mph: 8.8 sec. * Most Economical Speed: 25 mph @ 3,200 rpm, 8.5 gph