Cobalt A28

The A28 is spacious, curvaceous and elegant.

When it comes to a smooth ride, plus creature and ergonomic comfort and handling ability, this qualifies as one of the biggest 28-footers we remember testing. The bow barely lifts when you push the throttle forward, and it turns on a dime with little centrifugal force to make passengers uncomfortable. Certainly this performance can be traced to Cobalt’s unique extended running surface.

The human eye appreciates rounded curves far more than sharp, angular corners, and the Cobalt A28 sports radii everywhere. In fact, the boat has so many handsome curves traveling in diverse directions that the hulls must be formed in a multipart mold to accommodate their graceful lines.

The deep and convertible bow seating will keep kids safely aboard, and the head provides room to change or use the facility. The port side seating area has a full 10 feet 5 inches of seating, providing room for the crew, and under the seat is a flip-out cockpit table. As for storage, if you filled every compartment, you may well have to raise the boot stripe. Long settees, sun pads and reversible seat backs all add to the comfort. And we particularly like Cobalt’s exclusive hydraulic swim step, an option that lowers into the water, making reboarding a cinch for all ages.

Key Features
-Reversible companion seat back uses the same space for multiple seating arrangements.
-The A28 comes standard with digital gauges, a compass and fuel-flow monitor.
-No mere wet bar, this boat features a cockpit galley with sink and optional refrigerator.