Concept 4400

You want some of this?

I put the first few hours of operation on my tester's triple 300-hp Mercury Verado outboards. Carrying a good load on a windy day, we kissed the 65-mph mark, although the builder says top speed will increase once the engines are broken in and lab-finished props are installed. After touring Concept's manufacturing facility and inspecting Hull #2 as it was being built, I believe them.

Check the T-fitting on the genset cooling intake that prevents the genny's water pump from overloading at high pressures. You can run the air conditioning aboard the 4400 while zooming along at full throttle. The hull laminate consists of knitted fabric sandwiching a PVC foam core. Unlike woven fiberglass cloth, the fibers of knitted fabric don't cross each other in over and under bends. That makes it stronger because the load paths are straight. It makes the boat lighter, too, because excess resin isn't needed to fill the weave. Then there are the stringers, which are full height for their entire length, and a cabin pan (liner) that fits tightly. Yeah, this is a boat meant to survive rough water at speeds approaching 70 mph.

It's also innovative. Sculpted to evoke the purposeful look of a Formula One car's air dam, the 4400's transom is a molded masterpiece. Built into it is an articulating transom door that swings on a smartly engineered hinge and latching system. The door doesn't swing open. Instead it smoothly moves in and aside. When closed, it fits against the boat so precisely it seems to disappear.

The cockpit proves that the center console-especially when supersized-makes a wonderful day boat. Sure it's self-bailing and there's plenty of room to move 360 degrees around the boat for fishing and diving. But with its aft bench, conversational seating forward of the console, and bow cuddy for privacy and overnighting, the 4400 is a champion do-it-all boat. At anchor, some guests can mingle aboard, others can swim off the platform, while still more can work on their tans atop the cabin. Outboard power allows you to get close to the beach and visit shallow coves. This boat's robust build and sea-friendly, efficient ride can take you as far as you want to go, safely and in comfort.

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