Evinrude’s NEW CTS Touch Screen Display

A look at the features of Evinrude's new seven-inch touch screen.

September 19, 2014

Evinrude Touch Screen Display

It may have been late to the party compared to some other manufacturers offerings, but Evinrude’s new dashboard 7″ touch screen display is unique in the marine industry. Not only does it have large easy-to-press buttons along each side of the display but the full color display also has touch-screen capabilitities. Depending on your preference you can either navigate the menus just like you do your touch-screen phone or you can press the appropriate side buttons for a similar selection. (Figure 1) Evinrude’s 7.0 CTS display is viewable in bright sunlight and unlike some other units, it is designed for legibility while wearing Polaroid style sunglasses.

Capable of monitoring up to four engines and four fuel tanks simultaneously, Evinrude’s new display system can be programmed for English, Metric, Imperial, or Nautical measurements and in any of five common languages. In case of an unusual engine situation, an audible alarm sounds and an orange pop-up warning alert is superimposed on the screen. There are four status icons along the bottom row of the display and the appropriate symbol will illuminate – Temp, Oil, Engine, or Electrical. The warning horn continues until the operator acknowledges the malfunction by touching the pop-up alert on the screen.



Designed for the exclusive features standard on the new G2 E-TEC outboards, the 7.0 CTS allows the selection of an automatic engine trim function, the amount of power steering assist feedback to the steering wheel, and for bass-boaters a selection for the optional foot-throttle or regular hand-throttle operation. In addition navigation, speed, depth, time, mpg, and fuel used information are available with a tap on the screen or depressing one of the designated side buttons.

Along the top edge of the screen are six icons which may be selected for more detailed information concerning engine(s), fluid tanks, vessel status, trip data, and economy. The sixth button if for the HOME, the main information screen. (figure 2) HOME shows the basic information that a boat operator needs – RPM, speed, coolant temperature, trim position, gear selection, fuel consumption, and fuel economy.

It has its own capability to access the engine computer (EMM) for diagnostics and error code history if desired. The screen displays any current and previously stored faults and provides feedback on diagnostic codes that have been activated and kept in EMM memory for service needs.


Evinrude Digital Gauges

As you can see, the Evinrude ICON Touch 7.0 CTS display can replace a number of gauges on your dashboard and yet provide you with much more information and data capability. I had the opportunity to use this new accessory on several boats and am impressed by its ease of use and the amount of boat and motor information available compared to other units on the market.

It fits within a 6″ by 10″ area leaving your console with room for additional accessories. The display is NMEA2000 certified and will work on earlier G1 E-TEC outboards with limited operation due to the differences between the two generations of outboards. See an Evinrude dealer for more information.



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