Henriques 42 Express

Jersey Giant; utility and virility.

You want to kill more fish? If you can't answer "yes," then go back to sipping your caramel swirl girly-sweet decafe latte. Those of you with actual testicles, however, will be interested in reading about the Henriques 42 Express.

This boat will help you catch more fish than the competition, thanks to unique features you won't find offered by the mass producers (because they don't appeal to the potential buyers' wives). Take the anchor locker-it's massive, big enough to get your shoulders through, and deep enough to hold 1,500' of rode. That eats into interior cabin space but it means you can anchor on the edge of the canyons, where few others dare. The fishboxes in the 42 Express' deck are big enough to eat 300-pound tuna. Want to carry a full range of rigs? No problem. A dedicated locker in the cabin holds up to 18 rods. Want to bust through hellacious seas that would make most boats shudder and groan? Again, no problem, thanks to the robust construction used by this New Jersey builder.

The 42 Express is solid glass from 6" over the waterline to the keel, with foam coring in the decks and foam-filled stringers capped by 3⁄8"-thick aluminum plating. It has a huge aluminum bow rail, twin crash pumps, tool shelves built into the engine room, and hawse pipes and deck cleats so beefy you could use them to club a grander. If you're familiar with Henriques, you know its boats are strong and tough, and the proof is at the scales-this boat weighs 36,500-lbs. Compare that with 28,000-lbs for a Cabo 40, which is a foot wider and 10" longer than the Henriques. Or with an Albemarle 410, which hits 30,000 lbs. and is even larger than the Cabo.

So, what's different about the 42 Express? Check out the interior and joinery work. This boat belays the workboat-like finish of some past models from Henriques. Amtico cabin soles, helm air conditioning, and teak cabinetry are just a few of the touches that will make just about anyone feel at home on this boat. Even those latte-sipping types will enjoy the comfort level-at least, they will until you break out the gaffs and start a bloodbath.