Honda AquaTrax R-12X

Top pick for ... Racing. High-powered with special hull and tech features to swing it around buoys instantly.

March 1, 2003

We have yet to hear a watercraft enthusiast, after stepping away from a saddle, say, “Too much power for me. I’d like something more like a Buick.” No way. Everyone who enjoys solo riding wants more, more, more. More speed in the straightaways, more action in turns and more time in the saddle to stretch the limits. That’s what Honda engineers had in mind when they completed the all-new R-12X.

This is the first four-stroke two-seat model to hit the market,and Honda has known for a few years it was coming down the pike.While developing last year’s introductory models — the AquaTraxF-12 and F-12X — the designers had in mind this follow-up. The foundation of the R-12Xis a 165-horsepower, four-cylinder powerplant, turbocharged for extra oomph.

The hull of the R-12X is noticeably smaller than its brethrens’– five inches shorter and narrower by three inches. A sharp chine and newly designed sponsons along the compact hull allows the boat to transition quickly into turns, a virtual rubber-band effect.Also helping is a low center of gravity, thanks to thoughtful engine placement.


Honda also features an adjustable quick-trim system on theR-12X. By pulling a control on the handlebar, drivers can redirectt he angle of the jet nozzle. Doing so in a sharp turn helps change the attitude of the bow so the running surface can re-grab the water instantly. You can be going this way while everyone else is still going that way.

To make the neighbors happy, the R-12X also has a two-star emissions rating from the California Air Resources Board (CARB), a waste gate in the exhaust loop to reduce noise and an off-throttle steering system. None of which compromises the rider who wants more, more, more.



Quick-trim lever on the handlebar activates a cable system to redirect the drive to the jet nozzle. Drivers can instantly raise or lower the bow, with the best benefit in aggressive turns.

Limit Mode allows AquaTrax owners to select a maximum speed before turning novice riders loose.

Honda’s Ignition Control System (ICS) will automatically limit power or shut down the engine if oil pressure or cooling temperatures are abnormally high.


Off-throttle steering system is ECU-controlled and will help the craft turn while the throttle is disengaged in avoidance maneuvers.

Electronic keyless ignition means you can choose a numerical code to prevent theft.



Emissions: Meets 2004 CARB and 2006 EPA standards; has a2-star CARB rating

Off-power Steering: ECU-controlled

Storage Capacity: 5.8 gal.

Special Standard Features: Handlebar cushion pad, trailer tie-down loops

Top Pick For: Racing. High-powered with special hull and tech features to swing it around buoys instantly.

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