Honda BF250 Outboard

A “flagship” motor boasting many innovations.

The Honda BF250 four-stroke engine is the newest and most powerful outboard to join the Honda Marine lineup – and now the company’s flagship model. The design of the BF250 incorporates a number of advanced technological innovations that contribute to the engine’s high fuel economy and superior performance. The 3.6 liter VTEC® (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control®) engine is equipped with an all-new gear case, incorporates the world’s first marine direct air induction system of its type on a production outboard (providing for cooler, denser air for better combustion than conventional under-cowl induction systems), and has a full-throttle RPM range of 5300-6300.

The Honda BF250 engine also incorporates the Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST™) System through which holeshot and acceleration are dramatically improved by advancing ignition spark timing to within one degree of the knock limit during ‘hammer down’ acceleration. Below is information from Honda Marine on the newest addition to its full line of dependable four-strokes – the BF250 engine. Ideal for pontoons, off-shore fishing boats, bass and walleye boats and center consoles. The all-new BF250 offers a host of Honda-exclusive technologies and consumer benefits, including:

•Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control® (VTEC®).
•Large Displacement V6
•Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST™) System
•Engine Control Module (ECM)
•Adjustable idling-charge system
•Lean Burn Control
•Redesigned gear case and a low gear ratio
•BF250 engine mounts on industry-standard 26″ centers
•Separate Dual Air Circuits-cooler air, more horsepower
•NMEA 2000® certified
•Sleeker and slimmer aesthetic design


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