Hurricane Sundeck 2400

Can a deck boat really be sporty?

Want to cruise, fish, anchor out, go tubing and then put the boat away with little fuss? Check out Hurricane’s Sundeck 2400 OB Extreme. A few blasts from a hose clean the self-bailing, fiberglass-lined cockpit, and then the same hose flushes the outboard of salt. You're done. Go to the tiki bar for umbrella drinks.

While most do-it-alls make compromises, the Sundeck OB Extreme shines in all areas. For cruising and water sports, its agility comes from the mating of a 16-degree deadrise hull and a spunky Yamaha F250 outboard that, in our test, handled snap turns easily, stepped up on plane in 4.4 seconds and zipped along at 48.9 mph at wide-open throttle. More impressive, though, is the nearly 4 miles per gallon the boat achieved at the comfortable cruising speed of 26 mph.

A partier is further stroked by the Thunder and Lightning stereo system that includes a sony receiver, Polk audio speakers, a subwoofer and an amplifier. The components are “racked” in the console, and a remote at the helm gives fingertip control. The subwoofer hangs from the Extreme-package wakeboard tower, which brings up the next obvious benefactor — the wakeboard rider.

The Sundeck 2400 Extreme lays down a beautiful wake at around 20 mph, and by manipulating trim and throttle, I easily shaped a perfect lip and kicker. A tough stainless-steel tow pylon that retracts into the transom is standard, so even if you don’t opt for the extreme package my test boat sported, the ’boarders in your crew can still enjoy a challenging ride.

A forward boarding platform and bow ladder add to versatility at the beach, and a stern ladder gives the expected accommodation for deeperwater boarding. We found a livewell on the bow as well and realized right away that this boat is an ideal option for coastal boaters who just happen to love to fish, swim, beach up or ride their sticks.