Intrepid 245

While performance sparkles, the style of the 245 gleams.

Two things stand out in any Intrepid test experience: First, blistering speed for the horsepower and reliable, safe G-force-generating hairpin turns without constant attention to trim attitude. Second, Intrepid boasts incomparable attention to detail that puts the brand on a pedestal far above most other brands.

On test day, our team didn’t see the stepped bottom of the hull until haul out. So, without reminder that stepped hulls can require cautious handling, we jumped in, slammed the throttle, and after reaching speed in seconds, put the boat in a hard-over turn. The 245 carved aggressively and confidently, and we felt the added weight on our frames as the G-force built. To port or starboard, we had incredible control without worry of trimming to adjust for hull attitude.

That works thanks to what Intrepid calls its “transverse stepped hull.” The design incorporates a step near the center of gravity — no surprise there — but the front bottom panels are steeper than those aft of the step. Our 245 tester still got the benefit of the lift of the step, but it got even more thanks to the shallower angle of the aft panel. So, the bow rides higher, making the boat drier and offering more stability in turns. It’s been proved over time, as Intrepid has refined the process for years and has been verified in our tests.


While performance sparkles, the style of the boat gleams. A tumblehome transom with a portside boarding door gives it great looks as well as swimmer/diver convenience for reboarding or entering from the dock. Convertible seating gives open cockpit space for fishing or comfortable seating for entertaining.

The Intrepid 245’s performance makes it a boater’s boat, and it won’t surprise us to see it hoisted to the decks of yachts as tenders.

Extra Points
Access to head compartment and toilet is convenient.


Cleverly designed gunwales incorporate hefty locking panels to protect expensive tackle.

Console hardtop shades an ample dash for electronics and holds optional cooling deck misters for hot weather.

Every surface — inside and out, hatches and compartments — is finely finished, attesting to the Intrepid reputation for craftsmanship.


Test Drive
» Test Engine: Mercury Verado 300

» Test Prop: Mirage 19

» Test Load: People (400 LB.); Fuel (60 GAL.)


» Top Speed: 53.1 MPH @ 5,900 RPM
» Time to Plane:** 5 sec.

» Time to 30 MPH: 10.5 sec.

» Most Economical Cruise Speed: 34.4 MPH @ 4,000 RPM, 2.4 MPG

Vital Stats
» Length Overall: 24’10”

» Beam: 8’6″

» Dry Weight: 5,000 LB.

» Seating/Weight Capacity: 6 People

» Fuel Capacity: 120 GAL.

» Max HP: 400

» MSRP: $116,000

» NMMA Certified