A Look Inside The New Evinrude Outboards

The engineering and technical aspects underneath the new Evinrude cowlings.

June 13 is a date that will be remembered in recreational marine history. Evinrude engineered not only a whole new outboard series, but featured a revolutionary styling concept and introduced a system of color coordination for the motor. Boat owners and boat manufacturers can custom match the motor to boat colors if they wish.

Evinrude G-2 Outboards on a pontoon

I was honored to attend the unveiling of these 2nd generation of Evinrude E-TEC outboards in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and was “blown away” by the engineering and technical aspects that make up this new motor from top to bottom. By designing a new motor from scratch, traditional concepts and compromises could be cast aside and historical problems, shortcomings, and inconveniences done away with. There is an added advantage with a 5 year or 500 hour dealer service interval in normal recreational use. Combined with a 5 year warranty and a 5 year corrosion warranty the G2 E-TEC is in a class by itself.

Evinrude G-2 ETEC Lineup

A new style gearcase with low water pickup screens on the bullet help increase cooling water along with regular side mounted screens. Dual pinion bearings, a two piece driveshaft, and strengthened gears add to its reliability Unlike the electric shift systems from the 1960s which used magnets and springs or operated hydraulic valves, the G2 uses positive shift motor located internally taking the place of a shift-rod and linkage. There is an engine-mounted gear oil reservoir allowing the boater to monitor the oil level and condition without having to remove a drain screw.


Evinrude G2 Cutaway

The unique midsection contains the built in power steering and a power trim and tilt system that is based on hydraulic system designs used in earthmoving equipment. No steering cylinder is needed as everything is built in. Rigging is simplified with just the fuel hose, two electrical connections, and the battery cables. Digital controls are used and there is no linkage anywhere in the motor to stick, wear out, or need adjusting.

The cylinder and crankcase assembly was designed specifically for direct injection and has the exhaust on the port side of each cylinder instead of between the V of the engine block. This allows for a variable exhaust port opening in future high-performance models similar to the RAVE valve found in SeaDoo and SkiDoo engines. It also lessens piston wear as the side thrust is against the cooler intake side of the cylinder wall as opposed to the hot exhaust sidewall. For those in coastal areas, the fuel system is designed to tolerate up to 5% saltwater in the fuel without damaging components. Improved injectors and porting geometry reduces fuel consumption, decreases emissions, and increases power and torque compared to other engines.

I was amazed how the motor appeals to all types of boaters. For the tech-minded folks, the G2 offers a multitude of features and improvements. For the performance types the high-speed gearcase and better low end torque gets stern-heavy tournament boats on plane quickly. For recreation boaters a 5 year/ 500 hour dealer maintenance schedule saves time and money plus the quiet sound signature is pleasing to the ears. The engineers did their homework and the designers created a whole new look for the outboard market. It’s the customer who wins.