Marine Power Innovation Awards 2022: Water Jet

Indmar's EcoJet advanced pontoon power, making docking and handling easier.

This waterjet propulsion system from Indmar marries a 310-hp 2.3L EcoBoost engine (Based on a Ford engine) and an Indmar EcoJet waterjet. It is installed on a pontoon boat in a way that completely isolates the engine and jet-pump noise and vibration from the rest of the hull. It dramatically dampens the high-pitched sound inherent with jets, offering all the advantages of jet propulsion while mitigating a big complaint —noise. Furthermore, it provides terrific throttle response and can make the boat spin on a dime. Finally, it provides for a wide-open aft deck.

Indmar EcoBoost Jet
The EcoJet brings maneuverability to pontoon boats.

For changing the way a pontoon boat might be used and for making docking and low speed handling or pontoons easier, and for reducing jet pump whine, we award Indmar a Marine Power Innovation Award for 2022.

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Marine Power Innovation Awardee 2022: Water Jet
Marine Power Innovation Awards 2022: Water Jet Boating Magazine