PlayCraft Powertoon X-Treme 2700

PlayCraft’s Powertoon 2700 combines exciting performance with upscale deck furnishings for a dozen or more passengers.

It’s no longer big news that pontoon boats can achieve top-end speeds of 50 to 60 mph. Companies such as PlayCraft have been pushing the performance envelope for a number of years.

That said, it’s still exciting when a boat as large and luxurious as the Powertoon X-Treme 2700 picks up and sprints down the lake at close to 50 mph. Yet our initial dockside impression of this boat was more about luxury. You hear a lot about the upscale amenities found on various pontoon platforms, but few match the level of cushy comforts that PlayCraft lavishes on its higher-end models, and none can touch their sporty styling.

The seating is made by FlexSteel, the same company that furnishes million-dollar motor homes. In addition to premium materials and four-color graphics, we found sectional recliners and nifty storage features built into the interior. Powder-coated surfaces complement the graphics, creating a package that stands out from the fleet.


Even though it measures in at 27 feet and is loaded with features, this boat can outrun a lot of runabouts. With its triple-log configuration and central lifting strakes, the 2700 rises out of the water and skims across chop almost as if on plane. Turns are easy, thanks in part to the power-assisted hydraulic steering system.

Capable of supporting a beefy 300 hp outboard, the Powertoon X-Treme 2700 can be propped for speed, in which case it will top the 50 mph mark, or set to balance top end with towing power, as was the case with our boat.

Key Note: The 2700 does a remarkable job of combining a lavish and spacious deck layout with performance-oriented running surfaces.


Standout Features
• Twin-console design and central in-floor storage locker results in ample storage capacity.
• Suzuki’s electronic control system provides a wealth of performance data, including fuel consumption.
• Extended central log acts like a bow, using lifting strakes to help the boat rise over chop and bank into turns.

Vital Stats
* Length Overall: 27′
* Beam: 8’6″
* Dry Weight: 2,750 lb.
* Seating/Weight Capacity: 15/ 3,000 lb.
* Fuel Capacity: 80 gal.
* Maximum HP: 300 plus
* MSRP (test boat w/ Suzuki 300): $69,995
* NMMA Certified: Yes

Test Drive
* Test Engine: Suzuki 300
* Test Prop: 23 Mercury Tempest
* Test Load: People (350 lb.); Fuel (50 gal.)
* Top Speed: 48.5 mph @ 5,850 rpm
* Time to 30 MPH: 8.2 sec.