Premier 290 Grand Entertainer

This entertainer has all the amenities to be the social boater’s dream.

It’s hard to tell which seat is the best one in the house aboard Premier’s new 290 Grand Entertainer. Is it the über-plush captain’s chair at the Royal Command View helm, raised six inches off the sole for an expansive view of the water? Is it the bow sofas backed with Premier’s exclusive Flexsteel technology, which acts like shock absorbers in your seat? Or is it from one of the three cushioned stools nestled up to the rear-island bar? Depending on your desire at the time, it could be any one.

The 290 Grand Entertainer is the social boater’s dream vessel. The bar is equipped with a refrigerator, sink and stainless-steel storage drawers. J-hooks flip out in front of the stools to hang bags or towels or anything. Our test model had the optional cabana top with stemware stowage, providing a shady place to enjoy a drink.

The 290 is no slouch in the performance department either. With the optional 36-inch PTX triple-tube performance package (the 30-inch PTX tube is standard), our tester carved effortless curves, planed in 3.3 seconds and reached 30 mph in 8.2 seconds. Credit the 12-inch pad on the hull-shaped center tube and lifting strakes on the outer tubes. It’s an engineering and design wonder, no matter where aboard you might be sitting.

Key Features
-The stainless-steel drawers and refrigerator make it easy to maintain a fully stocked bar.
-Exclusive NANO Block vinyl has ­incredible stain and UV resistance.
-Flip-out changing room is easy to deploy for privacy.