Pro-Line 35 Super Sport

The 35 Super Sport is a great mix of speed and comfort.

Topside, Pro-Line’s 35 Super Sport bristles with the no-nonsense demeanor and killer-on-the-hunt accoutrements that anglers demand. Below the waterline, it borrows heavily from sister company Donzi to ensure it leads the pack at the tournament gun.

There’s no concession for drinking cocktails in the bow. The arrangement had me salivating with its unobstructed acreage, generous toe-kick and trio of insulated, macerator-served fish boxes, the largest of which is fit to ice down some real whoppers. Scant inches higher than the rest of the cockpit, the casting deck is thigh-deep, providing more security than a raised casting deck that converts to seating. Of course, the fish boxes will hold a bunch of folding chairs that you can access when needed. The recessed rail won’t impede jigging or casting, and the windlass is a welcome standard.

A 50-gallon, illuminated baitwell is standard, and you can order a second installed amidships. My tester sported the fiberglass T-top, with radio box and outriggers ($8,915). Pro- Line’s experience as a fishboat builder showed here because, despite rampant wake-hopping intended to replicate a long, rough run offshore, I could discern no wracking of this top’s pipe work. In fairness, equal credit for this stability is due to the smooth re-entry following wave hops that I experienced while running the 35 Super Sport.

In fact, I could discern no ride-related glitches, regardless of doing my best to imitate a newbie at the helm of this high-powered, double-stepped hull. Trimming down during sharp turns, for instance, is a big no-no that can cause many stepped V’s to trip, switch ends or at least raise a skipper’s pulse. Instead, the 35 Super Sport got my heart beating for all the right reasons: Turning crisply and confidently, accelerating like a bullet and hitting 58 mph at wide-open throttle. Bear in mind my tester was 300 ponies shy of its maximum-rated 900 horsepower. If you want to be first to the fish and effectively pursue them once on the grounds, the 35 Super Sport can grant your wish.

Comparable model: Concept 36 SR