Regal 2500

The 2500 moves on Regal’s FasTrac hull, though it’s also built for long days at rest.

We’ve changed our approach to boat testing because of models like Regal’s new 2500. The stopwatch and digital speed readouts are still part of our tests, but running at wide-open throttle and blasting out of the hole from zero-to-30 are hardly indicative of the overall boating experience.

So, before and after running our numbers, we let others drive the 2500 at casual cruising speeds while we “tested” the bow seats sculpted specifically to fit adult bodies. We shut down the Volvo-Penta 5.7 Gi and settled into the split aft-facing lounges on the transom. Had we remembered the swimsuits, we would have jumped off the molded-in swim platform that sits only an inch or two above water level. But then we might have been out all day.

That’s the whole point of owning a boat, and because Regal is family owned and a repeat JD Power Award winner, it was able to move quickly to match the 2500 to this “use-it-all-day” mission. Wise engineering trimmed a few inches from the bow and transom to make the cockpit six-to-eight inches bigger than a comparable 25-foot boat. It’s noticeable. They virtually eliminated the appearance of fiberglass from the interior by using long stretches of upholstery to cover the coaming areas, thereby establishing a clean automotive feel. The exterior carries the angular look of Regal’s FasDeck models.


We can mention the boat’s 49 mph top speed and quick time to plane, but it’s the real-life experience that makes the 2500 what it is.

Regal 2500
Regal 2500 Certified Test Results Boating Magazine

Key Note: Volvo’s Duoprop on our test boat is a perfect match because it eases handling at the dock or when pinpointing a spot to anchor.

Standout Features
• Gullwing storage under the transom lounges is deep, so you don’t have to keep entering the boat for gear.
• Regal uses a special mounting method to keep the upholstered side panels in place long term.
• Head under the port console is a good spot to wash hands or change clothes.


Vital Stats
* Length Overall: 26’3″
* Beam: 8’6″
* Dry Weight: 4,600 lb.
* Passenger/Weight Capacity: 13/2,265 lb.
* Fuel Capacity: 68 gal.
* MSRP (w/ Volvo 5.7 Gi): $61,234
* NMMA Certified: Yes

Test Drive
* Test Engine: Volvo 5.7 Gi Duoprop
* Test Prop: F6s
* Test Load: People (400 lb.); Fuel (50 gal.)
* Top Speed: 49.0 mph @ 5,200 rpm
* Time to Plane: 3.8 sec.
* Time to 30 mph: 8.6 sec.
* Minimum Planing Speed: 16 mph @ 2,400 rpm