Sea-Doo Wake Pro 215

The Wake Pro 215 is a technologically advanced PWC.

We Say: A PWC might make an economical tow boat, but holding a steady speed can be tricky. Sea-Doo’s Wake Pro 215 takes the rider’s trigger finger out of the equation with electronic throttle control. Pick one of five progressively steeper acceleration curves in “ski” mode, then program in the towing speed. When the rider yells “hit it,” just floor the throttle. The Wake’s 215 hp Rotax four-stroke accelerates according to a programmed map, then holds steady, even in corners. This throttle control allowed me to pay more attention to the water ahead, and it even remembered my settings after I circled back for a fallen rider. Acceleration can be a tad abrupt on the higher settings. An experienced driver would do a better job of feathering the throttle.

Other towing enhancements include a three-position retractable ski pylon, which positions the tow rope up and out of the jet wash. A removable wakeboard rack mounts to the gunwale to cart the toys, and convex mirrors provide a satisfactory view of the action behind.

The Wake Pro uses the stepped hull that Sea-Doo introduced in 2009. When not towing, I’d argue it corners better than any ’Doo in recent memory. The boat also sports a solid, predictable feel in the rough stuff. Sea-Doo uses that same electronic throttle to offer two additional modes, the default “touring” setting and the more aggressive “sport.” My favorite electronic goody, however, is the “intelligent” brake and reverse. Through careful manipulation of the reverse bucket, it allows the craft to start in neutral at the dock, and stops the boat in about half the normal distance should you encounter an obstacle.


Who’d Want One: PWC enthusiasts who get excited about new technology and towing water sports.

Another Choice: Yamaha’s $11,799 FX HO features cruise control as well as a peppy 1.8-liter engine.

Bottom Line: $13,499


How We Tested: Fuel load – 15.9 gal. Passenger Weight – 150 lb. Top Speed – 63.1 mph

Sea-Doo – Valcourt, Quebec; 888-272–


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