Sea Ray 210 Select

The 210 Select was definitely built for quality time on the water, right down to its matching trailer with swing-away tongue and surge brakes.

When the Sea Ray boys pulled the cover off of the 210 Select, we could see immediately that this was not a standard 21-foot model. There was something about it that made our crew nod as if to say, “That’s what we were looking for.”

It’s the fit and finish that shouted so loudly, and to fully understand it, it requires opening hatches, looking in the engine compartment and running your fingers along the gelcoat.

There was no print through — that messy look of structural fiberglass rippling the glossy finish. A barrier coat stops that effect and many boat builders skip that step. We sighted down the stainless-steel rub rail and noted it was ruler straight, where necessary, and it flowed evenly into the curves along the bow. Screw heads were snug and smooth in beveled holes for a super finish.


Inside, hatch hinges were rugged-looking but finely polished and of stainless steel. Latches worked crisply and positively with a light snap. Sometimes it takes aftermarket adjustments to get that fit, but without the superior hardware provided, no adjusting could turn the trick. Further signs of a solid build came from stainless-steel windshield struts and a heavy-duty aluminum rim around the curved and tinted glass.

The seating is Euro-firm with multi-density foam covered by a moisture barrier and then by heavy, durable vinyl with a leather look and UV protection for long life and good looks. Three seating patterns are offered. Our test boat had our favorite — two bucket seats and a full sun pad for an upgrade price of $1,154. Two standard seating arrangements may be preferable to some boaters because they use two jump seats beside the engine compartment and reduce the sun pad, giving more interior space for moving around.

At the helm we had a clear view forward from our adjustable bucket seat. Plenty of legroom for a six-foot driver added comfort, and the seat adjusts to accommodate smaller drivers. A flip-up bolster helps elevate the view, too. Smartcraft instrumentation is standard on the 210, and it’s one of Sea Ray’s strong points. Our test drivers had a clear view of the tach, speedo, fuel and trim gauges. Switches were easy to find and operate, too. We liked the deep cockpit and bow area and thought parents would enjoy the ride more knowing their children were well-protected.


The 210 Select is as upscale as the name sounds. When you turn up the Clarion CD player and tunes pump through the four speakers, knowing you invested your boating bucks in this rig will be as soothing as the music.

Notable Features
• We liked the double bucket seat arrangement but would really be tempted to opt for the back-to-back passenger seat that folds down for a full portside seating area.
• The extended swim platform makes the boat seem much bigger when swimming at anchor — a favorite pastime of Sea Ray boaters.
• An MP3 port is standard on all Sea Rays, making an album of CDs almost obsolete.
• A three-step, stainless-steel ladder is accessible from the water for convenience and safety.
• Color options include black, red, blue, pewter and cinnabar, so you can order your 210 with a custom look.
• The Sea Ray 210 Select’s 5.0-liter engine gives a smooth performance.

At a Glance
The Aft seat converts to a reclining lounger facing the swim platform.


Vital Stats
Length Overall: 21′
Beam: 8’6″
Dry Weight: 3,694 lb.
People/Weight Capacity: 8/1,100 lb
Fuel Capacity: 40 gal.
Maximum HP: 300
NMMA Certified: Yes
MSRP (base boat): $41,198
MSRP (test boat w/ 5.0L MPH, Alpha): $43,083

Test Drive
Test Engine: 5.0 L MPI, Bravo III
Test Prop: 20-pitch, stainless steel
Test Load: People (380 lb.); Fuel (20 gal.)
Top Speed: 49.1 MPH @ 4,860 RPM
Time to Plane: Not tested
Time to 30 MPH: Not tested
Minimum Plane: 16.3 MPH @ 2,500 RPM
*Performance data by Sea Ray

Personality Profile
Economy 6 High Performance
Fresh Water 5 Salt Water
Protected Water 3 Open Water
Value 9 Premium


Power Curve
1000 4.5 1.7 72
1500 6.7 2.8 74
2000 8.1 5.1 81
2500 16.3 6.2 79
3000 29.0 7.6 83
3500 34.5 9.9 83
4000 40.1 12.3 88
4500 45.0 15.9 93
4860 49.3 18.6 95

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