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By Jeff Hemmel | March 2023

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2019 Sea Ray SLX 310 OB

Founded in 1959 by Cornelius Nathaniel (C.N.) Ray, today Sea Ray is one of the most iconic names in the boating industry. Known for high-quality craftsmanship and modern, innovative styling, Sea Ray has also embraced modern production techniques, including the use of robotic hull-production technologies. Though once producing yachts as large as 59 feet, today the company focuses on a core product line suitable for a variety of activities, from cruising to watersports. Models include SPX sport boats from 19’-23’, SDX deck boats from 25’-29’, SLX sport boats from 26’ – 40’ and Sundancer cabin cruisers in 32’ and 37’ lengths. All models are powered by a choice of both outboard and sterndrive power from Mercury Marine.

Quick Overview

Sea Ray currently produces 22 models of boats divided between the sport boat, deck boat and cabin cruiser categories. In sizes ranging from 19’-40’, they’re well suited to a variety of recreational activities, including cruising and watersports.

Boat Types Sport Boats, Deck Boats, Cabin Cruisers
Hull Types Fiberglass V-hulls
Average Length/Size Sport Boats from 19’-40’; Deck Boats from 25’-29’; Cabin Cruisers from 32’-37’
Fuel Types Gasoline
Cost of New Boats Priced near the top of the market compared to other similar boats
Cost of Used Boats Priced near the top of the market compared to other similar boats
Activity/Usage Types Recreational cruising, wakeboarding, waterskiing, tubing, wakesurfing, coving/sandbar, long-distance cruising/overnighting, casual fishing

Types of Sea Ray Boats

Sea Ray builds a diverse fleet of boats, including open-bow sportboats from 19’-40’, open-bow deckboats from 25’ -29’, and overnight-friendly cabin cruisers in both 32’ and 37’ lengths.

Boat Tests & Reviews

As the most trusted source of boating information on the internet, Boating Magazine has produced in-depth reviews of over 80 Sea Ray boats. These tests are conducted by an expert staff made up of true boating enthusiasts. Tests and reviews include not only performance testing and passenger amenities, but also dig deep into a boat’s construction, handling, and overall safety.

Sea Ray SLX 280 Outboard cruising
Boat Test: 2023 Sea Ray SLX 280 Outboard
Outboard performance on a luxury family runabout.
Sea Ray SLX 260 Surf throwing a wave
Boat Test: 2023 Sea Ray SLX 260 Surf
A luxury bowrider with a surfable wave that simultaneously pleases a family crew and a sports crowd.
Sea Ray SLX 260 Surf throwing a wave
2023 Sea Ray SLX 260 Surf
The SLX 260 Surf serves boat buyers seeking wakesurfing thrills while also delivering luxury and performance.
Sea Ray SLX 260 Outboard running on the lake
2022 Sea Ray SLX 260 Outboard
A luxury bowrider from a preeminent boat-maker.
Sea Ray Sundancer 370 Outboard running at sunset
2021 Sea Ray Sundancer 370 Outboard
A standard-setting cruiser with outboard power.
Sea Ray SDX 290 running shot
2020 Sea Ray SDX 290
The SDX 290 offers a sporty and smooth ride.

FAQs About Sea Ray

Find the answers to frequently asked questions about Sea Ray boats, including the types of boats Sea Ray makes, where they’re produced and how to find a Sea Ray boat that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Sea Ray is headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee. The company currently operates factories in both Tennessee and Florida.

Sea Ray currently produces 26 models, split between three categories — Sport Boats, Deck Boats and Cabin Cruisers.

The Sport boat category includes two unique series, the SPX line ranging from 19’-23’ and the luxury-minded SLX series that extends from 26’-40’. The SDX Deck Boat category ranges in length from 25’-29’.

The Cabin Cruiser category is represented by the Sundancer series, in 32’ and 37’ lengths. Sundancers are ideal for longer cruises on larger bodies of water, and include cabins for onboard, overnight stays.

Almost every Sea Ray model is offered in two choices of power from Mercury Marine— MerCruiser sterndrives and Mercury outboards. One model, the SLX 260 Surf, features a unique sterndrive configuration with forward-mounted props to allow a safe, propeller-free surf zone directly behind the boat.

While Sea Ray does not produce dedicated fishing boats, nearly all models can be used for casual, recreational fishing. Abundant storage lockers provide room for tackle and gear; in-floor ski lockers can be used to carry and secure fishing rods.

Sea Ray’s sport and deck boat lines are a versatile choice forwatersports activities, including skiing, wakeboarding and tubing. Numerous features are designed to enhance the watersports experience. Extended swim platforms provide space to gear up and ease the transition into the water; tow hooks and tow pylons anchor the towrope and provide a solid pull; and speed control ensures a rider’s desired speed is maintained. The SLX 260 Surf is uniquely designed for wake surfing, with a forward-facing sterndrive, onboard ballast tanks and electric surf tabs combining to produce a safe and sizable wake.

As wake surfing takes place in close proximity to a boat’s transom, it is essential that the prop be located well under the hull to avoid the risk of injury. This eliminates conventional sterndrive or outboard-powered boats. Sea Ray’s SLX 260 Surf is designed specifically for the wake surf market, with a Mercury Bravo Four outdrive that positions dual propellers at the front, rather than the rear of the drive unit to ensure safety.

Yes, Sea Ray boats are considered easy to maintain. Basic maintenance, including washing and waxing the fiberglass hull, flushing the engine (especially after use in saltwater), keeping engine compartments clean and dry, and cleaning and using protectant on vinyl surfaces will keep a Sea Ray boat looking like new for years to come. Sea Ray has a vast dealer network. Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule, including oil and filter changes, to ensure reliable, safe operation.

On Sport and Deck Boats, Sea Ray provides a Limited Lifetime Structural Hull/Deck Warranty to the original owner, as well as five years of bow-to-stern factory warranty on the boat and its components from defects in materials and workmanship (except SLX 400 and SLX 400 Outboard).

SLX 400, SLX 400 Outboard and Sundancer models include a three-year bow-to-stern factory warranty and a 10-year Limited Structural Hull/Deck Warranty to the original owner.

Sea Ray has one of the largest dealer networks in North America, and representation in countries around the world. Find your local Sea Ray dealer, here.

How to Care for a Sea Ray Boat

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