Silverton 43 Convertible

Silverton's 43 Convertible incorporates plenty of amenities to go with its fishability.

When I step aboard a boat, I want to relax, and part of that feeling is knowing I have a secure place to stash my car keys, cellphone, etc. Lately, it seems as if more boats longer than 40 feet lack this seemingly simple feature. So when I ascended the stairs to the bridge to the new Silverton 43 Convertible and saw a space dedicated for just this purpose, I smiled.

That wasn’t the only smart feature aboard this tastefully styled convertible that incorporates plenty of amenities to go with its fishability. In the engine compartment, heavy-duty 4-foot-long steel L-angle mounts attach to the stringers with eight through-bolts per side, ensuring that the twin Cummins diesels stay put. Both staterooms sleep two adults comfortably and have ample stowage for a weekend getaway.

There’s also plenty of space to relax in the salon on the L-shaped lounge aft, near the sliding cockpit door, or forward at the raised dinette. Four people could comfortably enjoy a meal here. In a smart use of space, Silverton put a locking rod locker overhead.


The galley is on the same level as the staterooms, yet, thanks to its aft location near the salon windows, it has an open feel. There are cabinets at eye level and beneath the countertop, and all the appliances you’d want for a weekend aboard are there.

Given the 43 Convertible’s performance, you can cover some ground during that weekend. Running the boat from the flying bridge helm, I could converse with those seated on the forward J-shaped lounge. During a blustery day with winds at 15 knots on the Atlantic Ocean, we hit 30.2 mph with the engines peaking at a little less than their full potential at 2,650 rpm. Pull back to 2100 and you’ll be cruising at 18. And you’ll be relaxed knowing that Silverton took care of the small details on the 43 Convertible.

Extra Point
Because of the way the head doors open, the master head is designated for day use as well. It’s the best solution that provides two private heads with showers on a 43-foot boat, which is no small feat.


High Points
* Having two private heads on a 43-foot boat is a cruising plus.

  • There’s a dedicated large sea strainer and fuel/water separator for the generator.

  • Hydraulic fluid reservoir for the Bennett trim tabs is actually in a good location for adding fluid.


Low Points
* Helm rigging could have been cleaner. Cables and wires need more support.

  • Having to replace batteries in their forward position will not be easy.

Toughest Competitor
At 47 feet 2 inches, Meridian’s 441 is a little bigger than the Silverton. It also provides sleeping for four adults and has a spacious salon layout. Powered by twin 380 hp 6.7-liter Cummins diesels, it retails for $665,000 and is available with pods as well.

LOA: 44’6″ Beam: 14’11” Draft (max): 3’7″ Displacement: 26,300 lb. Transom Deadrise: 17 degrees Bridge Clearance: 16’8″ Fuel Capacity: 524 gal. Water Capacity: 200 gal. Max Horsepower: 960 Available Power: Diesel inboards


Price: $675,167 (base with test power)

How We Tested
Engines: Twin 460 hp Cat CT diesel inboards Props: 24″ x 27″ 4-blade nibral Gear Ratio: 2:1 Fuel Load: 262 gal. Crew Weight: 560 lb.