Sterndrive Safe Wake Surfing

Bryant Boats rocks boating industry.

September 10, 2014

Bryant Boats introduced a new sterndrive-powered runabout, said to be safe to wakesurf behind, to a select group of boating industry representatives during the Surf Expo 2014 event in Orlando, Florida.

Read The Official Release From Bryant Boats

Wakesurfing is deemed by most experts to be dangerous behind a sterndrive- or outboard-powered boat due to the proximity of both propeller and exhaust. Inboard wake boats, therefore, are the type of boat most wakesurfing enthusiasts use.


As the video shows, Bryant’s new “surf package” may prove to be much more than just an add-on accessory. Preliminary information from our sources indicate that this is a completely new hull form and propulsion system developed by Bryant in partnership with a “vendor” who has not yet been named.

Click Here For A Great How-To Wakesurf Video

In return for exclusive access to the new system on a private lake, we signed a non-disclosure form limiting what we can say and when. The good news is, we’ll report developments as we can here on and we’ll run a full-length feature in early 2015.


Stay tuned.

Takeaway: Wakesurfing is easier on older –excuse me–“experienced” legs and bodies than wakeboarding or waterskiing.


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