Sunchaser 8522 LR

Nothing is compromised except the price.

Sunchaser kept a premium on value when designing the 8522, but that does not imply the boat is cheap. On the contrary, the fiberglass helm, JBL marine sound system and supple three-tone upholstery are features buyers will appreciate long after signing on the dotted line. Forgoing vinyl on the low-maintenance, rotocast seat bases might be a nod to shaving cost, but Sunchaser has done such an excellent job of matching the color of the vinyl seats to the plastic below that we missed it on first inspection. What caught our eye was the fact that seat bases were all guttered to drain water away rather than allow it to enter the compartments below.

Behind the helm sits a supportive, high-back captain’s chair with flip-up armrests. Four separate loungers ring nearly the entire perimeter. A pop-up changing room raises from the couch end in the port-gate entry. An unexpected, clever touch is the simple elastic mesh pocket that holds the billowing curtain enclosure, rather than allowing it to become trapped below the door. Another nod to function is the standard vinyl covering outside the fence aft.

Away from the dock, the 8522 handled ably atop twin 25-inch pontoons, burning a mere 12.3 gph at a 29.8 mph top speed.

Key Features
-Comes with a JBL marine sound system and an ­MP3-player port.
-The full fiberglass helm console has a smoked windscreen and lighted toggle switches.
-There are two rear-facing lounges with one convenient pop-up changing room integrated into the portside lounge arm.