Supra Launch 24V World’s Edition

The biggest deal is found at the helm: Supra's VISION. At the risk of sounding cliché, it's redefining what we generally call “the boating experience.”

The Launch 24V World’s Edition claims the most obvious part of its nomenclature from being the official boat of the World Wakeboarding Association’s World Championships. So, even before our team tested it, we knew the ride behind the boat would run the gamut from “just learning” (rock-steady speed and no wash on the modest wakes) to pro level (big symmetrical wakes and the capability to change the slightest nuances).

We also knew this model was designed on Supra’s biggest V-drive, which we’ve known for having one of the more immense interiors in the inboard sport-boat category. It has room for 16 people, and we measured the cockpit alone at 62 square feet. That’s nice when you consider the size of the sun pad.

But the biggest deal of the 24V World’s is found at the helm. At the risk of sounding cliché, Supra’s Vision system is on the leading edge of redefining what we commonly call “the boating experience.” We think back to a time when darkness fell so hard during a maiden outing on Lake Fontana in North Carolina that our “boating experience” involved a 5 mph ride with two people looking over the bow for islands and shallow spots. With the Vision system at the center of the instrument panel, you can now use a GPS to backtrack your course on unfamiliar water. On that same screen you can also set your speed and ballast, see full engine diagnostics for details such as low oil, bad sensors or ballast impeller issues, and even select your music. The volume of those tunes automatically adjusts according to your rpm. Add in auto-lighting at night and the ability to set driver/rider profiles for throttle-free cruising, and you have a truly different boating experience.


Extra Points
• This special-edition Supra model comes with a Z-5 rack on the tower, for storage, and rotating Roswell tower speakers.
• Standard trailer is twin-axle with 18-inch wheels and fenders.
• Full manual controls can be used in case the power fails on the Vision screen.
• Hull is wrapped in World’s Edition graphic.

Test Drive * Test Engine: Indmar Assault 5.7L 340 HP w/catalytic converter * Test Prop: 14.25″ X 14.5″ 4-blade * Top Speed: 42 MPH (Gravity Games Edition) * Time to 30 mph: 4.6 SEC. (Gravity Games Edition) * Most Economical Cruise Speed: 27.1 MPH @ 2,500 RPM, 5.6 GPH Vital Stats * Length Overall: 24′ * Beam: 8’6″ * Dry Weight: 3,950 LB. * Seating/Weight Capacity: 16/2,300 LB. * Fuel Capacity: 52 GAL. * Standard Power: Indmar Assault 5.7L 340 HP * MSRP: See Local Dealer * NMMA Certified: Yes