Tige RZ2

The RZ2's max boarding wake is steep and solid, booting riders upward with more aggressive pop.

Tige RZ2

Tige RZ2 Specs

In the bigger-is-better world of wakeboarding, picklefork hulls are the new black. The reason? The design squares up the bow, increasing seating capacity.

Tigé's RZ2 puts even more function behind its form. Many pickles ship water with a load of passengers forward, especially when turning to pick up a downed rider. The RZ2, on the other hand, remains mostly dry. Chalk it up to a rising sheer and high bow freeboard, as well as Tigé's convex-V hull, which shifts the center of gravity slightly aft. That bow also gradually flares and transitions to a conventional-V hull entry, avoiding the hard reverse chines typical of a picklefork. This also keeps things drier and helps the RZ2 avoid handling quirks such as chine lock, which critics often attribute to pickleforks.

Tigé modeled the running surface of the RZ2 on the company's proven 22Ve. But the exterior is boldly new. Its topsides abound with folds and creases, an edgy style in tune with the forked bow. Those creases also enhance the hull and deck's rigidity. Even the transom has found the dual form and function of angles. Rather than slope gently aft (tumbling home), it tucks in sharply, allowing a rider gearing up to get his feet comfortably underneath him on the platform. A nonslip seat and dual wet stowage compartments round out amenities aft.

Tigé boasts a seating capacity of 14 on the RZ2. That's two more than the MasterCraft X-Star. The extra seats are courtesy of a raised bond line that takes advantage of hull flare, and a narrow gunwale. Tigé claims these design features recapture about 5" in width.

The style may be reminiscent of the X-Star, but the RZ2's wake is different. Tigé uses TAPS, an adjustable trim plate that, when raised, allows this convex hull to naturally plow. Unlike the longer, more gradual transitioned wake with a firm lip made famous by the X-Star, the RZ2's max boarding wake is steep and solid, booting riders upward with more aggressive pop. Each boat - and wake - will have its fans…and rightly so.