Tour Ashley Kidd’s New MasterCraft

The new Ashley Kidd Edition XT23 incorporates personal touches from the six-time champion.

Ashley Kidd owns a new ride: the 2024 Mastercraft Ashley Kidd Edition XT23.

The six-time world champion incorporated her personal touches into this boat and takes you on a personal tour of the boat in the accompanying video. Among other things, this new MasterCraft XT23 boast a Custom ‘Golden Hour’ Metal Flake Exterior, Exclusive Black SeaDek, Signature Step Pad, and Dog Friendly Features.

2024 MasterCraft Ashley Kidd Edition XT23 wakesurfing
The 2024 MasterCraft Ashley Kidd Edition XT23 is designed and built for wake performance. Courtesy MasterCraft

Combining the finest MasterCraft features with an aesthetic that commands attention, the Ashley Kidd Edition XT23 showcases an all-new custom ‘Golden Hour’ metal flake exterior, designed by Kidd and inspired by the golden hour sunset. Inside, specialized black and tan SeaDek adds a touch of elegance, while the Ashley Kidd signature step pad provides both grip and comfort. Finally, an Ashley Kidd Edition boat would not be complete without a special feature to accommodate a furry companion. As a nod to her Siberian Husky Bailey, this XT23 is equipped with a custom-designed dog bowl drawer that discreetly tucks away, not sacrificing convenience or style. Every unique element found exclusively on the Ashley Kidd Edition XT23 was thoughtfully selected to deliver an exceptional on-water experience and found exclusively on the Ashley Kidd Edition XT23.

“Ashley Kidd is the most accomplished female wakesurfing athlete of all time,” said Krista Schipner, Vice President of Marketing at MasterCraft. “Working with her to develop this special edition XT23 allows us to acknowledge her success and create a work of art in the process for those who want the absolute best in wave performance, surf capabilities, and comfort with an exclusive head-turning style.”

Ashley Kidd Edition XT23 in "Golder Hour" hue
The Ashley Kidd Edition XT23 showcases an all-new custom ‘Golden Hour’ metal flake hull. Courtesy MasterCraft

“My Ashley Kidd Edition XT23 from MasterCraft is the ultimate blend of my unique style and my demand for top wakesurfing performance,” said Kidd. “I had a blast fully customizing ‘my boat’ to include personal touches that are must-haves – like creature comforts for my dog Bailey.  I can honestly say, after owning and training behind an XT23, that it’s the best wakesurfing boat I’ve ever ridden. Not only does it have the size I need, it has more energy and push than any other wave out there, which allows me to really challenge myself and land tricks that I couldn’t do behind other boats.”

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The Ashley Kidd edition XT23 is dog-friendly
Dog-friendly features are included aboard the Ashley Kidd edition XT23, as Kidd, and Bailey, show off here. Courtesy MasterCraft

Along with the purchase of an Ashley Kidd Edition XT23, comes an exclusive gift package that includes a ‘Golden Hour’ carbon Connelly AK surfboard, with a matching rope and dog leash. As a special bonus, new owners will also receive a package in the mail shortly after delivery with two pairs of Blender Eyewear sunglasses – one pair matching the boat and the other Ashley Kidd’s signature pair of shades. 

The Ashley Kidd Edition XT23 will have an MSRP of $239,759. Customers are encouraged to contact their local MasterCraft dealer to discuss options, details, and rebates to ensure the most accurate transaction price.