Veranda V25SE

Veranda's design is one of the most innovative in pontoons, and it's patented.

What we think: Veranda boasts an all-aluminum deck of interlocking planks that is billed to be sturdy, light and free of twist and flex. The first time we boarded one was by leaping from another boat to change drivers. The boat bobbed down a tad, but didn’t flex a measurable bit. To this day we’re impressed with Veranda’s design. It’s one of the most innovative in pontoons, and it’s patented.

The planks are hollow and snap together like Pergo flooring. Then the tube brackets are welded directly to the floor — there are no cross members, which contribute to flex. As the tubes are welded on, the plank joints are welded too. The bottom becomes its own splash skin, also reducing the drag that cross members would create when slogging through chop. And solid? I’d hate to be the other guy in a paint swap with this boat.

The rig is lighter too, and that accounts for the formidable speed, breaking the mid-30s. We usually don’t see that on 25-footers with only 150-horsepower engines.


Veranda is new, and if the construction method doesn’t grab your attention, to further lure you the company has included a list of standard features we found impressive: stainless-steel cleats (not mooring rings), a fiberglass console and stainless navigation and anchor lights (not chrome or aluminum).

At the helm we found a comfy bucket seat with a flip-up bolster, and angled forward seats for lounging, a design that also ensures the captain has a clear view in front of the boat. Ingenious construction and quality equipment make the Veranda perhaps the strongest pontoon boat we’ve tested.

Who should buy it: For long life, even on the roughest lakes, we’d opt for Veranda’s aluminum plank construction. For maximum crew capacity, we might even opt for a center tube and more horsepower. The rig can handle it.


Vital Stats * Length Overall: 25′ * Beam: 8’6″ * Dry Weight: 2,155 lb. * Seating/Weight Capacity: 13/1,833 lb. * Fuel Capacity: 37 gal. * Max HP: 150 * MSRP (w/ Yamaha F150): $33,115 * NMMA Certified: Yes

Power Picks
* Yamaha F115TLR – $28,775

Also consider…
V20SE** **
Length: 20”
Beam: 8′
Max HP: 90** **
It’s shorter than the V25SE so it’s easier to trailer and dock. For crews up to 10, it’s a great family cruiser.


V22SE ** **
Length: 22′
Beam: 8’6″
Max HP: 115
The 22 may be the optimum size for convenience. Add a triple tube and bigger horsepower for water-sports fun.

Test Drive * Test Engine: Yamaha F150 * Test Prop: 14.5″ x 15″ Reliance * Test Load: People (400 lb.); Fuel (30 gal.) * Top Speed: 37.3 MPH @ 6,000 RPM * Time to 30 MPH: 9.1 sec.