Vision Marine E-Motion 180E

Boatbuilders will sell complete electric propulsion system as an OEM component.
Vision 180E electric outboard
Vision Marine 180E Electric Outboard Courtesy Vision Marine Technologies

A new electric-powered boatspeed record was set at the 34th Annual Lake of the Ozarks Shootout last August, breaking a record once held by our own Randy Vance in partnership with Torqeedo (​speedrecord). Shaun Torrente crossed the finish line at 104 mph in the Vision 32 catamaran powered by two custom-built Vision Marine electric outboards.

Torrente, a two-time H20 F1 world champion and owner of Shaun Torrente Racing in Florida, ran the Vision 32 again on Day 2 of the event to an even faster 109 mph. 

The Vision 32 is the first electric-powered boat to exceed 100 mph. 


The twin Vision marine outboards powering Torrente’s boat were purpose-built for the record run. But the standard E-Motion 180E should provide plenty of excitement, delivering the continuous equivalent of 180 hp. This outboard is really a system, combining an advanced battery pack, an inverter, control software, and a high-efficiency motor with a proprietary union assembly between the transmission and the electric motor. 

The Vision Marine E-Motion 180E is not available for retail sale or for repower work. It will be sold as part of OEM boatbuilder packages. It comes with a two-year warranty on the motor and a three-year warranty on the battery.

Some details about the electric system revolve around the cooling system for the battery. Major components of this include two pumps located in the boat, one to circulate raw water. The raw-water pump is saltwater-resistant and able to deal with algae, grit and small stones, according to the maker. The other pump is to circulate glycol antifreeze. Such optimized battery cooling ensures maximum output and efficiency. 


At the helm, a 10-inch touchscreen multifunction display, called the Q Display, provides monitoring and control. It is Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth-enabled. In addition to providing info such as time and distance left to run, state of charge and other system-related data, the screen also displays Navionics charts, a fish finder and audio-system control. Telemetry, cloud service, geofencing, and a mobile app providing remote charge control and more are also integral. Chrome and black controls provide throttle and offer a wake setting to lock in low speed as required.

Max Output:180 hp/132 kW at 6,000 rpm
Max RPM:7,000
Power:2 x 35 kWh battery (standard); 99 kWh (optional)
Gear Ratio:2.10:1
Shaft Length:20″; 25″
Weight:400 lb.
Charging:220V onboard
Charging Time:Overnight
Price:Available as OEM equipment

The 180E can be installed aboard boats suitable for 180 hp outboards, generally 17 to 26 feet in length for single-motor applications, and larger for multiple-engine installations. Range and speed will vary by boat weight, sea conditions and more, but Vision Marine publishes an estimated range of 70 miles, or three and a half hours, at 20 mph with the standard twin 35 kWh batteries. An optional third battery raises capacity to 99 kWh and will increase range. Charge time for the standard battery pack is overnight on 220V current, according to Vision Marine.

Look forward to our on-the-water test, including a full performance report, of a boat powered by the Vision Marine E-Motion 180E coming soon. Until then, contact vision