The Buzz About Wake Baits

Wake baits act like two lures in one.

Wake baits are making a buzz in the bass world for creating an action that combines two lures in one, like this XPS Nitro The Egg ($3.99, You get the surface coverage of a topwater with the thump and rattle of a crankbait. The defining action comes from a lip offset nearly 90 degrees to the body.

Why Wake?
The surface swell and enticing wiggle give the bait a unique action. To a bass, this imposter looks like a stray, wounded baitfish that can be taken without the chase. Easy meal!

Key to working the bait is rod angle. Hold it in the 11 o'clock position using a steady retrieve. Crank slow for making wide wakes above and resonating wobbles below.

Wake Zones
Calm water is best if overcast; surface ripples produce under the sun.