C-MAP, the leading supplier of digital marine cartography and cloud-based mapping solutions, announced today the launch of Genesis Edge, a premium upgrade to the free marine-mapping service C-MAP Genesis (formerly known as Insight Genesis).

Genesis Edge Vegetation Layer
C-Map Genesis Edge Vegetation Layer C-Map

The free version of C-MAP Genesis includes downloads of community-sourced digital Social Map charts, the ability to add personally mapped areas to Social Map, and custom-color depth shading. Genesis Edge offers even more, game-changing functionality for recreational and tournament anglers. Its key features include an option to keep personally mapped areas private and the creation of bottom-hardness and submerged-vegetation map layers.

Bottom Hardness Layer


With a Genesis Edge bottom-hardness map, anglers can easily target the most-productive, hard-bottom portions of classic spot-on-the-spot areas of offshore structure like ledges, sunken islands, saddles and more. Overlaid onto contour lines, the maps provide a color-coded representation of the size, shape and location of areas of different bottom hardness: dark orange areas show the hardest bottom; a lighter orange indicates the next-hardest bottom; tan is the next-hardest bottom; and pale yellow shows the softest-bottom areas.

“A real critical factor in fishing today is your map,” said professional angle Jordan Lee, winner of the 2017 Bassmaster Classic. “C-MAP Genesis has come out with this bottom-hardness feature that’s really cool. I’ve used it on several different lakes and it’s helped me catch more fish.”

Michael Iaconelli placed 6th in the 2017 Classic, having put himself in a position to win with a game-plan that included using the bottom-hardness layer of a Genesis Edge map.


“These are small, little hard spots that are staging spots,” said Iaconelli. “They’re places where fish stop when they’re going in to spawn, but even more, they’re places they stop going out. C-MAP Genesis is really cool stuff. And the thing I love about it – which is so key in the post-spawn – is the hard-bottom layer.”

Submerged Vegetation Layer

Big fish ambush baitfish in submerged vegetation. In most weather and water conditions, submerged vegetation is not visible to the naked eye, forcing anglers to go searching for it. Genesis Edge’s vegetation layer, displays fish-holding holes in vast grass flats, depicts fish-populated points and inside-turns on deep weedlines, and more. Atop a blue-scaled contour map, it places bright-green overlays the size and shape of areas of submerged vegetation, making it as easy to see the best places to cast.


“Because I map all the deep weedlines in my area lakes, when my clients are trolling I can see exactly where all the inside and outside turns are on the weed edge,” said Minnesota Walleye Guide Scott Merwin. “That allows me to always keep my clients’ baits in the strike zone and free from hangs ups. That’s a big part of why they catch more and bigger fish out of my boat.”

C-Map Genesis
C-Map Genesis C-Map

Continued Innovation

C-MAP is committed to innovating new features for Genesis Edge subscribers. A partnership between C-MAP and Fishbrain, the world’s largest angler-focused app and social network, makes one such new Genesis Edge feature available this week for the first time. Subscribers can now see all public Fishbrain catch waypoints on their online display of C-MAP Genesis charts. Fishbrain Premium subscribers can also use the app to see those waypoints and their GPS position overlaid atop C-MAP Genesis maps on their smartphone.


“We are very excited to deliver powerful information-based products and services to our customers,” said Greg Konig, head of product, C-MAP. “C-MAP is a brand that anglers trust to give them highly detailed and accurate cartography. With the addition of Genesis Edge to our offerings, we hope to make it easier to catch more and bigger fish.”

Users can subscribe to the new Genesis Edge service at To take advantage of the service, anglers record and upload sonar data from a compatible* fish-finder/GPS unit and to C-MAP Genesis. A custom map will then be available to download for use on the water. * C-MAP Genesis maps can be created with and displayed on most modern Lowrance, Simrad and B&G sonar/GPS units. Compatibility with other marine-electronics manufacturers’ products is coming soon*