Captain’s Test: Modern Diesel Engines

Learn more about today's modern diesel engines.
Captain's Test: Modern Diesel Engines
Captain’s Test: Modern Diesel Engines Yanmar

Diesel engines are no longer reserved for large yachts and offshore-fishing battlewagons. Today’s diesels are clean-burning and quiet, and they meet EPA emissions standards. Let’s take a closer look at what makes today’s diesels worthy of consideration.

1. What is the minimum psi for a high-pressure direct-fuel-injection system?
A. 5,000
B. 10,000
C. 15,000
D. 20,000

2. Of the two basic and common cylinder configurations for marine diesel engines, which is the simplest, featuring just one set of cams?
A. In-line engine
B. V engine
C. W engine
D. Rotary engine


3. In a common-rail direct-injection system, what does the rail feed?
A. Fuel injectors
B. The cylinders
C. The intake manifold
D. Individual solenoid valves

4. Octane is the measure of combustion and ignition characteristics in gasoline. What is the term for this measure for diesel?
A. Setane
B. Cetane
C. Sitane
D. Citane

5. When you start up your diesel engine, you see a little blue smoke coming out the exhaust. What does that indicate?
A. Water in the fuel
B. Water in the combustion chamber
C. Burning oil
D. Bad injectors


1. C.

2. D. They are controlled by the engine’s electronic control unit.

3. A.


4. B.

5. C.