Centurion Fi25 Boat Test

This 25-footer is the product of years of wakesurfing research and development—and some designers’ killer stylings.

May 24, 2019

When first introduced, the Centurion Fi25 turned heads, and for good reason. Not only did it look both sleek and aggressive, but as an addition to the acclaimed Fi line, it came loaded with the wake-making prowess that Centurion has built its reputation on.

Much of that wake-making prowess comes from Centurion’s Opti-V hull, which debuted in 2018. With 20 degrees of deadrise at the transom, the ­Opti-V is designed to displace sizable and symmetrical wakes and waves while also ­offering a comfortable ride in choppier waters. Combined with the Fi25’s ­onboard wake-shaping technologies and 5,050 pounds of onboard ballast, those wakes and waves are some of the best in the business and just won an Innovation Award from the Water Sports Industry Association in February. All that weight can be added in just 90 seconds, thanks to the Ramfill system. Rather than using pumps like most wakeboats, Ramfill utilizes gates that open up on the boat’s running surface. Run the boat at the right speed (the system will instruct you via the dash) for a bit and you’re set.

Centurion Fi25 Running Shot
LOA: 25’0″ | Beam: 8’6″ | Draft: 3’0″ | Displacement: 5,850 lb. | Ballast: 5,050 lb. | Seat/Weight Capacity: 17/2,550 lb. (above ballast) | Transom Deadrise: 20 degrees | Bridge Clearance: NA | Fuel Capacity: 89 gal. | Max Horsepower: 550 | Available Power: Single GM Marine or PCM V-drive Garrett Cortese

For wakesurfing, fill all the ballast, turn on the onboard QuickSurf Pro System, and you’ll be riding one of the most powerful wakesurf waves on the market, allowing you to ride farther back and move forward with ease. The QuickSurf Pro tabs switch easily and quickly, allowing surfers to transfer from side to side without having to do much guessing. One slight knock against the Fi25 for some might be the need to adjust ballast between wakesurfing and wakeboarding, but it’s not too much of a hassle. For wakeboarding, drain some of the ballast to help keep the wakes cleaner and symmetrical. You’ll still be greeted by pro-level wakes with a smooth transition and tons of pop. The shape and transitions of the wakes and waves can be customized to a rider’s preferences by adjusting the Stinger Wake Plate.

Centurion Fi25 Wakesurfing
The Fi25 throws one of the most powerful wakesurf waves on the market. Garrett Cortese

If you’re worried about losing visibility over the bow while getting on plane with a big boat like the Fi25 and all that ballast, passengers and gear on board, don’t be. The QuickSurf system combined with the Stinger Wake Plate creates QuickLaunch, which allows the 25-footer to plane with minimal bow rise in surprisingly quick fashion. Our test boat, without a full load, was on plane in just under 5 seconds. Loaded, the Fi25 will plane in just under 6.

While the wakes and waves are the stars of the show on the Fi25, the interior is a close second. Room abounds inside this 25-footer with room for 17. The cabin seating is customizable for different seating arrangements, thanks to a sliding rear seat that can lock in multiple positions and a removable tabletop. The 17,000th of an inch thickness and extra top coat of the new marine vinyl from Spradling make it more comfortable and durable than ever.

Centurion Fi25 Helm
Centurion’s Touch Vision Split HD screen allows for easy navigation and intuitive control. Garrett Cortese

At the helm, the captain is treated to a comfortable chair with built-in bolster that slides and rotates. Installed in the dash, Centurion’s Touch Vision Split HD screen allows for easy navigation and intuitive control of the boat’s major functions, including ballast, speed control, surf systems, interior lighting and more.


One standout feature of the Fi25 we tested is the DropZone tower, built by Roswell. Thanks to innovative design tweaks like its water-drop extruded construction, it is now both lighter and stronger. Actuated by two free-floating worm-drive motors, the tower folds in 10 seconds and goes back up in 14. Those free-floating drives prevent the actuators from binding and creating vibration. Outfitted with Roswell’s powerful Crossfire speakers, a large Bimini for sun protection, and convenient touches like LED lighting and hooks for towels, ropes, vests or anything else, the DropZone tower is a ­must-have. To make it even better, though, it is also equipped with tow points on each side. If you have a beginner wakesurfer, hook up the rope to the side they’re surfing on—it makes getting up and learning to ride much easier because you don’t have to deal with the prop wash from straight behind the boat.

Centurion Fi25 Cockpit
The DropZone Tower by Roswell is light and strong. Garrett Cortese
Centurion Fi25 Tower Speaker
Roswell’s Crossfire speakers crank out great sound. Garrett Cortese

Our test model was powered by a GM Marine 6.0L HO V-8 with 450 foot-pounds of torque—plenty of oomph for the Fi25, even under a full load. And with an ­89-gallon tank, you don’t have to worry about making trips to the gas dock to refuel. As with most large wakeboats, shifting is seamless and quiet, but steering in reverse can be cumbersome, especially when loaded with weight.

Compare the Fi25 against the Malibu 25 LSV ($133,000 starting price), which is rated for one extra passenger at 18, or the Nautique G25 ($177,000 starting price) that holds 19, but know the Fi25 bests both in the oft-important onboard ballast game.


Stowage abounds in the Fi25, and all of the cabin seats are hinged, allowing for easy access underneath. A stern locker accessible from the swim step is designed to hold extra ballast for those looking for even more kick in their wakes and waves. Or, when drained, it can fit a large wakesurf board. There is board storage on top of the Bimini as well. Of course, with a 25-foot boat you have room for your whole family. And then a couple more families.

High Points

  • Wakes and waves are incredible—among the best Centurion has ever made—and can be customized to suit any level of rider.
  • Rear storage built into the gunwales is great for wet vests, ropes, etc. when a rider is getting back into the boat.
  • Floor locker between the driver and observer seats is large enough for a cooler.

Low Points

  • Mounting the backrests in the sliding rear bench is cumbersome when compared to competitor models that are built in.

Price: $180,805 (as tested)

Available Power: V-Drive

Centurion Fi25 Certified Test Results
Centurion Fi25 Certified Test Results Boating Magazine

How We Tested
Engine: 450 hp GM Marine HO 6.0L
Drive/Prop: V-drive/16″ x 15″ 4-blade
Gear Ratio: 1.72:1
Fuel Load: 89 gal.
Crew Weight: 320 lb.

Centurion Boats – Merced, California; 209-384-0255;


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