Centurion Ri217 Wakesurf Review

The Centurion Ri217's wave is big, has a good shape and a bunch of push.

June 27, 2017
Centurion Ri217
Length: 21’6″ | Beam: 102″ | Fuel Capacity: 63 gal. | Seating Capacity: 14 people | Max Ballast: 4,950 lb. | More Information: Centurion

Reigning Queen
Ashley Kidd has ­dominated ­women’s wakesurfing in ­recent years. She is ­currently the three-time reigning world champ in the Surf division.

How I Utilize Standard Ballast
I fill up Ramfill 100 percent on the regular side and 40 percent on the goofy side. I fill both plug-and-play bags in the rear lockers. With this weight plus the CATS and Quicksurf, the wave is big, has a good shape and a bunch of push!

How I Utilize Extra Ballast
Sometimes I will add a couple of 50-pound Lead Wake bags in the back corner of the regular side of the boat.


Custom Settings
I turn CATS all the way to the side I am riding on, but if I feel like changing up the shape of my wave that day, I will move them over towards the goofy side a bit. I keep my Quicksurf settings on 70 ­percent on the regular side and 0 percent on the goofy side.

Boat Speed
10.6 to 10.8 mph

Centurion Ri217
Centurion Ri217 Centurion

I Usually Surf
Frontside, backside and goofy — I always try to switch it up!


Preferred Board
My custom AK Wake Surf board

My Favorite Single Feature On My Boat Is
The wave. I spend all my time back there, and there is nothing else like it!

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