Centurion Ri257

The Centurion Ri257 carries a big crowd and makes big waves.

Centurion Ri257
LOA: 25'7" | Beam: 8'6" | Draft: 3'0" | Displacement: 6,150 lb. | Fuel Capacity: 92 gal. | More Information: centurionboats.comCenturion

We Say: Bigger can indeed be better with respect to watersports boats, as the Centurion Ri257 revealed during our test. Displacing 6,000 pounds, the 25-foot Ri257 is rated for a crew numbering 18 and can carry over 5,500 pounds of ballast. So, while it won't fit into some garages on a trailer, this Centurion can produce some big, bad wakes and waves. Pro testers from our sister publication Wakeboarding rode behind the boat and noted that using full ballast for ­surfing could create long, mellow waves or steep ones. For wakeboarding, our riders noted that only partial ballast was needed in order to create a massive wall of water, enabling aspiration toward —and execution of — pro-level riding.

Centurion incorporates multiple wave- and wake-enhancing features such as the Centurion ­Articulating Tracking System, which aids in ­maintaining course. The QuickSurf Pro makes shifting the wave from side to side easy. The Ramfill system fills the ballast in 45 seconds, a fast time.

Our test boat was powered by a 450 hp Pleasurecraft Marine H6DI turning a 15-by-16-inch Acme prop through a V-drive transmission with a 1.72-to-1 reduction. With a crew of two, empty ballast tanks, and 68 gallons of fuel in the tank, we achieved a top speed of 38.4 mph. Best fuel economy came at 3,500 rpm and 22.6 mph, where we netted 2.94 mpg.

Who'd Want One: Boaters seeking to carry a big crowd, make big waves, and do both in the finest style.

Another Choice: Be sure to check out Malibu's Wakesetter 25 LSV ($158,672 powered by an Indmar 6.2L Monsoon 450L).

Bottom Line: $164,959 (without tax, prep, license); centurionboats.com

How We Tested
Engine: PCM H6DI
Drive/Prop: V-drive/Acme 15" x 16"
Gear Ratio: 1.72:1
Fuel Load: 69 gal.
Crew Weight: 410 lb.
Ballast Tanks: Empty

Centurion Ri257
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