Centurion Ri257 Boat Test

Centurion's Ri257 features space for family and friends and premier wakes and waves.

We Say: First launched in October 2016, the Ri257 was designed to create some of the biggest wakeboarding wakes and wakesurfing waves on the market. For 2018, though, this big boy has gotten even better thanks to the introduction of Centurion's new Opti-V hull. Simply put, the wakes and waves aren't just the best Centurion has ever created, they are among the best available. What's more, by reducing resistance on the running surface, the new hull stays more balanced and improves fuel economy. Better for wakes and your wallet? We'll take it.

Centurion Ri257 Boat Test
LOA: 25'7" | Beam: 8'6" | Draft: 3'0" | Displacement: 6,150 lb. | Fuel Capacity: 92 gal. | More Information: centurionboats.comZach Stovall

Combine the new hull with the optional QuickSurf Pro system and you can fine-tune the shape of the wave or wake to suit a variety of riders’ preferences. Our test rider, Sam Baker, almost couldn’t believe how big and fun the wave was. Baker surfed at 11.6 mph with the Ramfill ballast system 100 percent full and extra plug-and-play ballast at 90. The wave has more than enough push for riders of any size or skill level, with a huge pocket that is easy to find and even easier to stay in.

Worried that getting such a big boat with all that extra weight on plane will be an issue? Don’t be. Thanks to the QuickLaunch system, the Ri257 gets on plane easily and with little bow rise, due to full deployment of both the QuickSurf blades and the Asymmetric Wing. With the ballast systems full, the time to plane is just under 6 seconds.

Centurion Ri257 Boat Test
The new Ri257 stays more balanced and offers improved fuel economy.Zach Stovall

Who'd Want One: Watersports enthusiasts who want to fit all their family and friends while enjoying the ride on premier wakes and waves.

Another Choice: The Malibu 25 LSV isn't as long but is rated to hold 19.

Bottom Line: $179,907 (as tested); centurionboats.com

Centurion Ri257 Boat Test
Centurion Ri257 Certified Test ResultsBoating Magazine

How We Tested
Engine: Single 450 hp PCM H6DI
Prop: 16" x 15" Acme 4-blade
Gear Ratio: 1.72:1
Fuel Load: 92 gal.
Crew Weight: 550 lb.